The Women Of Trafficked

Human Trafficking is a subject that certainly hits home here in Asia and the hard-hitting feature “Trafficked” centres on 3 women from different worlds who are forced into a sex-trafficking ring. Punctuated by brutal and intense scenes, it’s no wonder the best young actresses are fronting this thriller that has a powerful message. Kelly Washington Kelly Washington stars as Sara, a young woman who is … Continue reading The Women Of Trafficked

TV Vixens To Crave – 25 April 2017

Audrey Moore in “Feud” – Week in, week out we’ve always excited to heap praise on the sterling women of TV and the fetching visage of Audrey Moore who has been on shows such as “Manhattan” and “Better Call Saul” is to be admired. – This week on the Season 1 finale of “Feud”, Audrey guest-stars as Cathy Crawford, the daughter of screen legend Jessica … Continue reading TV Vixens To Crave – 25 April 2017