10 Dazzling Hotties At The LA Shorts Fest 2013

1. Suziey Block in “If We Were Adults” – A standout indie darling in both looks and captive talents having wowed audiences in several brilliant horror films. – In “If We Were Adults”, it’s a different kind of horror as her character Izzy discovers marriage and commitment can be frightening. – She’s just wrapped The Pact 2 with co-star English Rose Camilla luddington. She informs … Continue reading 10 Dazzling Hotties At The LA Shorts Fest 2013

Hotties Dazzling Christmas 2012

Carrie Genzel in “The Wishing Tree” One of the most intensely gorgeous faces in the industry, Carrie Genzel is a Canadian talent who often is compelling as she is lovely. Her new movie “A Wishing Tree”, another Hallmark Channel favorites sees her tackling the role of Amanda Breen, a domineering woman whose son is a little bit of a troublemaker. That is until the Christmas … Continue reading Hotties Dazzling Christmas 2012