Helena Marie

On June 11th, Canadian Screen Darling Helena Marie is primed to sparkle at the prestigious 2017 ACTRA Awards in Montreal. She is nominated for Outstanding Performance – Female for her fearless portrayal as Bonnie Mudd in the western “Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story”. This has been the year of bad-ass women and as Bonnie, Helena is riveting in the skin of a trigger-happy woman who … Continue reading Helena Marie

Tirra Dent

These next few weeks will be a boon for avid TV viewers with the advent of a bevy of beguiling women and Tirra Dent makes a bewitching impression on “Supernatural”. She guest stars as Catriona Louglin who is a powerful witch whom the Winchester Brothers seek to hopefully reverse a memory erasing spell burdened on poor Dean. Her character goes toe-to-toe with Ruth Cornell’s Rowena … Continue reading Tirra Dent