Ellen Dorrit Petersen

Ellen Dorrit Petersen is Norway’s jewel of the film industry who is steadily becoming an immensely captivating storyteller. Now everyone can be awed by her mesmeric performance in “Shelley” which has put her on the map when it comes to the women of world cinema. I’m blessed to be able to marvel at the complexity she consistently delivers onscreen and be able to praise such … Continue reading Ellen Dorrit Petersen

Rising Starlet: Linnea Larsdotter

https://vimeo.com/61892508 Multi-faceted Swedish actress Linnea Larsdotter is deserving of adulation and she’s already making waves internationally with mesmeric grace. She is the leading lady of “Till We Meet Again”, an indie drama that sees 2 young travelers on a journey of discovery about their love for each other as they take in the locales of Thailand. With her being awarded the Culture Award for 2015 … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Linnea Larsdotter