Latin Vixen: Ivet Corvea

The Dawn of a new wave of exploitation queens is upon us and Cuban Princess IVET CORVEA is rapidly emerging as a symbol of female virility on film. Amassing a track record of strong performances in some of the vilest subject matter, conventions are thrown out of the window as soon as the debauchery happens onscreen. Her villainous antics as bisexual rapist Marla in “Run! … Continue reading Latin Vixen: Ivet Corvea

Hot Actress #433 – Sasha Stuber: Rising Starlet

It’s amazing to see up and coming actresses such as SASHA STUBER tackle the brutally dark subject matter of “NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS” although i wish she had more screen time. Exploitation Cinema is alive and well and the actresses fronting this grindhouse flicks are some of the most dedicated. If you’ve caught the movie already, there were some pretty unnerving scenes throughout and … Continue reading Hot Actress #433 – Sasha Stuber: Rising Starlet