Canadian Vixen: Karyn Dwyer

KARYN DWYER makes adoring redheads effortless as she’s a mix of sensuality and affable charisma. Some have called her an angel and she’s all that but I like to think of her as being beguilingly foxy. If you are into Laura Linney which I suspect may are, then loving the understated sex appeal of KARYN is a must. Check out her awesome reel (above) as … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Karyn Dwyer

Top Hotties From Game Of Thrones

Ahh…..UK Ladies. We can’t get enough of them…their lovely accents, sophistication and so much more. Right now they certainly are conquering the realm of television! But who’s the fairest of them all in this Beauty Game Of Thrones? 1. EMILIA CLARKE As Daenerys Targaryen – She’s turning heads with her “Flying Eyebrows” fashion statement in every episode. – Could she be playing the only other … Continue reading Top Hotties From Game Of Thrones