Indie Princess: Lili Baross Mesmerizing and breathtakingly captivating, Lili Baross is surely bound to be very much sought after. She shone as the leading lady Gretel in The Asylum horror flick “Hansel Vs Gretel, towing the line between Good and Evil as she falls under the influence of a dark spell. As you will discover playing the villain lets Lili explore the multi faceted personality which has that … Continue reading Indie Princess: Lili Baross

Rising Starlet: Emily Tremaine One look is all it takes to know Emily Tremaine is a vision of ravishing appeal and she’s truly immaculate on camera. It’s time to pay tribute to yet another ingĂ©nue who has the aura of a future star. I’ve also just discovered on IMDB that there is a list of actresses with eye-catching lips and Emily is very much a part of these … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Emily Tremaine