Actress Spotlight: Seana Kofoed

Seana Kofoed has the regal poise that many will find to be very divine and she’s certainly a sultry vision this week. Catch her in episode 7 of the new Netflix series “Flaked” as top agent Vanessa Weiss who might have a spicy back-story judging from the frosty reception dished out by protagonist self-help guru Chip (Will Arnett). In the month of March, there’s going … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Seana Kofoed

Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 16 Nov 2015

Tonantzin Carmelo in “Z-Nation” & “Entertainment” – In this week’s episode of Z-Nation, the bewitching Tonantzin Carmelo is a scene stealer as Kuruk, the “Medicine Woman” who is rather gifted in the art of pain management. – It’s awesome to see diversity getting a run on TV at last with the introduction of Native American characters who are kicking Zombie Ass and having meaty roles … Continue reading Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 16 Nov 2015