Hot Actress #438 – Danielle Hoetmer: Blonde Bombshell

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As Laura Lurch in ‘OUT TO LUNCH’, DANIELLE HOETMER embraced one of the weirdest characters ever seen on a web series. Who can forget the creepy laugh without actually smiling that Laura exhibited at the end of the “The Pot Brownie” episode (above) that has us chuckling inside. Shudder at the thought that our next-door neighbors can be so outlandishly bizarre! Together with starlets Kathrin Smirke and Julie Mintz, DANIELLE makes up the lusciously talented threesome that’s giving neurotic behavior a dose of the funny so that we can snigger at the silly things we sometimes do. Of course i must underline that DANIELLE is hugely attractive especially with those dreamy blue eyes. DANIELLE also appeared in 2 episodes of TV Series ‘OUTLAW’ as a wife of a police officer on trial for murdering an illegal alongside Mr Charisma Jimmy Smits. Watch a clip from that episode plus keep up to date with this sexy blonde at the DANIELLE HOETMER OFFICIAL SITE.

Sumptuous model, theater thesp, producer and indie starlet, we’ve only scratched the surface of her many sublime gifts. Regularly praised for her acting finesse and mesmerizing assets, it’s a joy to see her tickle our funny bone or fascinate us in more dramatic fare. Be blown away by her impressive reel (above), showing us why she’s an enthralling prospect in the present and for the future.

Hot Actress #424 – Kathrin Smirke: Rising Starlet

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Sometimes an entertainer doesn’t need the traditional platform to announce herself as the frontier of cyberspace is often where the seeds of popularity are sown for some. Ravishing redhead Kathrin Smirke is the Creator, Writer, Producer and Actress of the popular ‘OUT TO LUNCH’ web series and she’s getting plenty of love from the digital audience. Three episodes in and she’s already getting rave reviews for both her off-kilter performances as the eccentric Matilda and the slow-burning off-the-wall humor; it’s like every little thing she does is MAGIC! She’s roped in her fellow thesps, luminously elegant beauties JULIE MINTZ and DANIELLE HOETMER and together they’ve created 3 lovably distinct personalities who get caught up in sticky situations.

This statuesque cutie is 5′ 11″ of grace and polished natural talent. I’m indebted to KATHRIN for taking the time to do an exclusive interview (have a read below). Youtube would be a tad boring without the Women Of The Web like KATHRIN SMIRKE who are giving us slices of digital heaven.



1. What were your inspirations for developing the popular web series “Out To Lunch”?

A: I was mainly inspired by one of my biggest idols, Seinfeld co-creator and writer, Larry David (call me if you read this Larry). I am also a huge “Curb your Enthusiasm” fan and wanted to create a show that has a similar situational humor to it, but revolves around women. I would describe my show as “Curb your Enthusiasm” meets “Sex and the City”.

Another inspiration for creating “Out to Lunch” was simple restlessness. I was growing tired of waiting for my agent to call with auditions and decided to take my career into my own hands.

2. You play a rather neurotic woman brilliantly in “Out To Lunch”. Why do you think this character has resonated so well with the web audience?

A: I believe that my female viewers identify with the character Matilda, because everyone has neurotic tendencies whether they want to admit it or not. It’s the same reason audiences are drawn towards characters like Gregory House from “House, M.D.”, Miles Crane from “Frazier”, and Adrian Monk from “Monk”.

3. I’m an actress lover so i adore how you gals keep entertaining us fans. Can you tell us some of the experiences you had working with your fellow performers Julie Mintz and Danielle Hoetmer?

A: I love working with Julie Mintz and Danielle Hoetmer. Both of them are very talented actresses and I am very happy that they are a part of my show. When I auditioned for Jessica’s part (played by Julie Mintz), I instantly felt Julie’s connection with the character. Interestingly enough, Danielle Hoetmer auditioned for the same part. Although I did not cast her for the role of Jessica, I knew that I had to write her into the show. That is how Laura “The Lurch” was born.

4. With the current digital onslaught of youtube and facebook, how has the landscape change for actresses like you? Does it mean you constantly have to evolve to stay relevant?

A: Website like YouTube, Funny or Die, and are a great way for actors to be more creative and proactive about their careers. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just be an actor. You have to create, write, and produce if you want to stand out in this business. The great thing about the digital video revolution is that it allows up and coming producers to gain an audience whereas in the past, it would have been impossible. A great example would be the comedy tournament. We recently placed first with over 8000 views.

5. There’s been a rise in raunchiness on television,film and on the web recently. In your opinion, can you tell us what defines sexiness?

A: Ahhhh…sexiness? It’s definitely all about lots of skin. The more tits and ass the longer you last. Haha. No, but seriously, I think intelligence, confidence, and a great sense of humor are sexy.

6. Do you think actresses are getting enough recognition for their work and the original ideas they conceived?

A: I’d like to say no, because nobody is knocking on my door…yet. Actually, I think women in the entertainment industry have made great leaps and bounds, but I’d like to see more scripted television geared towards women instead of reality based TV.

7. Tell us something about Kathrin Smirke that most people would probably not know about.

A: I love poetry and I am actually in the process of writing a poetry book.

8. James Dean is one of my idols and I heard you’re going to be in a feature about him called “Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean”…can you give us a little tease about the film?

A: It is the most unflinching and honest exploration yet of James Dean’s life and sexuality prior to his becoming a star and ill-fated legend. You can also check out the official trailer of JOSHUA TREE 1951.

9. You’ve already been labeled as a queen of web television, so what’s next for the rising starlet that is Kathrin Smirke?

A: Thank you so much for the compliment! I am currently working on the fourth episode of “Out to Lunch” and in the near future, I hope to pitch the idea to different television networks. I am also working on creating three reality based shows for television.

10. What were your most memorable moments in 2010 and your best role to date?

A: As an actor, my most memorable moments are creating, acting in and producing my web series, “Out to Lunch”. I also had the opportunity to work on an episode for the “House, M.D.” spin-off, “Nurse Jeffrey”.