The Women Of Seal Team

One could say CBS is pulling out the big guns with the new drama series “Seal Team” starting this week. Headlined by David Boreanaz, we get to see not only intense action but also a glimpse into the heaviness experienced by Navy Seals. What better than to shine the spotlight on the actresses who will be catching our eyes on “Seal Team” which includes the … Continue reading The Women Of Seal Team

Rising Starlet: Parisa Fakhri

Undeniably beautiful with an effusive exotic appeal, PARISA FAKHRI warrants an outpouring of fondness no matter where we spot her. Many will be able to display their affection since she’s actually at SXSW promoting her film “Good Night” which is yet another interesting take on mortality. This tells the shifting of emotions at a birthday party after a revelation of a possible demise from the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Parisa Fakhri