Blonde Bombshell: Murisa Harba

Inexhaustible praise can be conferred on actress MURISA HARBA for she’s drop dead gorgeous from head to toe. Seeing how a blonde namely Gwyneth Paltrow has been lauded as the most beautiful woman by People Magazine, it’s a given to feature MURISA who herself is just so heavenly. Check out her latest REEL where she absolutely enchants from the first till the last frame. The … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Murisa Harba

Sexy Siren: Patricia Kara

She’s the Mediterranean Goddess with the sweet, outgoing personality, a trait most will find appealing in PATRICIA KARA. When it comes to listing the most gorgeous women in entertainment who are of Greek descent, PATRICIA is right up there with the likes of Maria Menounos and Jennifer Aniston. Athletic and slim, at first glance you’ll be hooked on her stunning features as her bikini photo … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Patricia Kara