Actress Spotlight: Abbi Snee

Coming across Abbi Snee on television is a true delight as she’s effortlessly sweet and surely blessed with one of the most radiant smiles. She’s guest-starring on “Person Of Interest” as Brittany, the receptionist who greets Root (Amy Acker) and has some fun banter with her as soon as she arrives at a talkback radio show that highlights conspiracy theories. As many of us will … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Abbi Snee

Sizzling Cutie: Julie Cavaliere

Passion for the faces of television is an an all time high and the sweet Julie Cavaliere is one to heap fondness upon. She guest stars in the newest episode of “Person Of Interest” called ‘ShotSeeker’ as Mary Mulhall, a graduate student embroiled in yet another of the Evil AI Samaritan’s plans. Her character does indeed become a person of interest herself albeit she’s being … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Julie Cavaliere