Babes Of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Call these GIRLS ‘The Tease Of The Week’ for they are destined to sizzle your eyes! Remember their names: Jessica Sonneborn, Julianne Tura, Ivet Corvea, Elissa Dowling & Debbie Venegas and their super saucy pics (above) speak for themselves. The Fab Five are the heat-makers of “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp“, the slasher where sin is pervasive as a group of horny, out of control Christian … Continue reading Babes Of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

7 Hot Blondes Of Summer 2011

SHIRLY BRENER As I write this, Shirly Brener is probably glaming up the premiere of her indie “Letting Go” at Dances With Films”. By virtue that she sent me her autograph complete with a special “The Simpsons” stamp, she has endeared herself as one of my favorite all time actresses. Film Star, Model, Producer, Artist and Humanitarian, she’s a class act indeed. A versatile character … Continue reading 7 Hot Blondes Of Summer 2011