Indie Princess: Kymberly Harris

It rings true that the indie genre has the foxiest women on the planet and Kymberly Harris is luscious personified. Just her ravishing smile will warm the hearts and she has facets that’s desirable to the masses. On the the theatre scene, Kymberly has been recognized for being a tempting force in the many productions she’s appeared in. As you can see, she’s easy on … Continue reading Indie Princess: Kymberly Harris

Sizzling Cutie: Seana Kofoed

Seana Kofoed has an adorable factor many will find to be personable and impressively charming. She can so easily be compared to a Tina Fey meets Sarah Jessica Parker starlet with her adorable factor just as inviting. She can be seen in the comedy caper “Life Of Crime” which stars Jennifer Aniston who is the socialite Mickey targeted by a pair of fumbling kidnappers. Here’s … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Seana Kofoed