Dream Girls Of Fantastic Fest 2013

1. Molly Dunsworth in “Septic Man”


– Continuing her impressive run as a cult princess, Molly Dunsworth stars as Shelley, the wife of the man who transforms into the sewer super hero known as “Septic Man”.
– Praises should be bestowed on Molly for taking on the outsider roles that aren’t mainstream yet vividly interesting.
– Don’t miss her in the claustrophobic, post-apocalyptic short film “Bunker 6” as one of those trapped in a anti-radiation bunker.

2. Whitney Able in “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane”


– Does it matter that “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” was released in 2006 when Whitney Able is still extremely luscious 7 years later!
– Her portrayal of party-girl and queen bee Chloe is striking and she followed that up with her leading lady role in sleeper hit “Monsters”.
– That’s no question Whitney can play the sexpot (see the sexy clip from her film “Dead Lenny” above) and she can also do subtlety with a splendid indie cred.

3. Kristina Klebe & Kitsie Duncan in “Proxy”

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– With strong females leads and a story that’s masterfully brutal, the suspense thriller “Proxy” is on course to be wow audiences.
– Her turn as a dangerous jilted girlfriend is going to be provocative and install Kristina as a terror hottie whom we first saw dazzle in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”.
– While Kitsie has a supporting role in “Proxy”, I’m still showing her the love for she’s been terrific in all the horror features she’s done and for reminding us she’s a sex kitten.

4 & 5. Emmy Robbin & Elle LaMont in “Machete Kills”

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– Who wouldn’t want to be in Machete’s shoes when you are surrounded by luscious Manhunters Pris played by Emmy Robbin and Dollface played by Elle LaMont!
– The amazingly curvy figure of Emmy must surely be a turn on as the dark-haired goddess is expected to be on the rise (the grinning Danny Trejo himself agrees as seen above).
– With a deluge of films starring the delectable Elle in 2013 and 2014, her star is burning bright and she will prove to be a perennial temptation.

6. Pollyanna Mcintosh in “Love Eternal”


– She stars in “Love Eternal” as a Goth chick with suicidal tendencies who chances upon a man who had designs on taking his own life until he was rudely interrupted.
– Her penchant for the darker side of the female mind on film makes Pollyanna so compelling which she’s shown before as the vicious Jack Ketchum creation The Woman.
– Not your typical English Rose, Pollyanna is becoming the go-to-girl when it comes to the horror genre and that’s because she excels at it.

7 & 8. Amanda Fuller and Elissa Dowling in “Cheap Thrills”

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– There’s nothing cheap about the violence in “Cheap Thrills” but once more the female cast proves to be more than just mere distraction in the dark comedy.
– Amanda Fuller is so graceful onscreen and her retuning to Season 3 of “Last Man Standing” (my shameless plug for her) means time on the couch being addicted to her.
– The fact that Elissa exudes sensuality from every pore (have you seen her derrière?) and since she’s an awesome character actress should make you yearn for her.

Sizzling Cutie: Alicia Arden

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The procession of saucy women continues with the sumptuous ALICIA ARDEN who has a feature out on DVD guaranteed to stir the lions. “American Nudist” is a sensory experience, examining the popularity of naturism in all its bare naked glory with ALICIA in one of her most enticing role to date. Everyone remembers her in the revealing Princess Leia metal bikini for a cosplay event only last year and now she teases us even more in “American Nudist”. As much as I’m trying to find the trailer for the skintastic flick, there seems to be none. She does reveal some skin on the DVD cover art and from the screenshot of one of her scenes (above), we’re in for delicious samplings of ALICIA. She’s been described as pure hotness and the va-va-voom body which has already graced the pages of Maxim is immensely crave worthy.

She’s yet another Sex Bomb in our midst so why not visit the ALICIA ARDEN OFFICIAL SITE. While ALICIA currently focuses her energy in independent films, she did appear in the hit soap “General Hospital”. This well-endowed actress will star in “The Obsession” with Dominique Swain, Pollyanna McIntosh and Paula LaBaredes. That’s four of the sexiest women on the planet in one film! If there’s one woman who looks elegant every time she’s on the red carpet, it’s ALICIA ARDEN. She’s the face of true enchantment.