TV Vixens To Crave – 18 March 2015


1. Helena Marie in “Supernatural”


– Canadian Sweetheart Helena will be in this week’s episode ‘The Things They Carried’ from “Supernatural” in what will be an emotional plot-line as she gains emotional support from Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).
– She’s been shining in the skin of women facing adversity onscreen and that’s all down to her gift of stirring the sensibility of a cross-section of viewers.
– With an upcoming TV movie “First Response” and a short film “The Late Thaw”, this inviting starlet will be one to watch with avid interest in 2015!

2. Elaine Loh in “Jane The Virgin”

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– Don’t miss Elaine alongside Gina Rodriguez and Jane Seymour on the episode ‘Sixteen’ of the insanely popular “Jane The Virgin” as Gretchen who is part of a romantic writer’s group.
– One has to love how she’s flying the flag for ethnic actresses having already graced “The Mentalist” and “Hart Of Dixie”, so it’s fitting I give kudos to her by singing her praises.
– Elaine is certainly easy on the eyes and has an engaging presence we often find magnetic. Hey casting directors on the lookout for diversity! It’s time to give Elaine a meaty role for her to sink her teeth into, preferably episodic so we can all enjoy her ever-growing appeal.

3. Susie Abromeit in “Battle Creek”


– You are not alone when it comes to being addicted to the ravishing Susie as she’s been delightfully enticing on every medium she’s been on, of course memorably portraying porn star Carmelita on “Supernatural”. Jensen Ackles must be the luckiest guy on the planet!
– “Battle Creek” might only be in its 3rd episode and already she’s sizzling it up as Alexandra Rosario, Detroit Pistons Cheerleader who happens to be the hottest snitch ever providing valuable intel for Milt (Josh Duhamel) and Russ (Dean Winters).
– In her role as the troubled love interest Dana in the indie romance “Diving Normal” which won her the Best Actress Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, Susie painted the story of a woman seeking acceptance with fascinating depth. The adage that she’s more than a pretty face rings true in riveting fashion!

Sizzling Cutie: Elizabeth Gudenrath

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Elizabeth Gudenrath is a genuine charmer with an innate loveliness to make a sweet impression. She has been lauded as flawless with a comely uniqueness and things are heating up quickly with her being part of one very popular TV show! She has a recurring role on “Shameless” as Julie, the woman who accepts an indecent proposal from Kevin (Steve Howey) sent on a mission to get some hand action (as they say) by his unfaithful wife Veronica (Shanola Hampton). Elizabeth is ever the tease in keeping with the rich, often dirty humor that’s made “Shameless” such rowdy fun and after this episode Rite Of Passage, she’ll return next week on the one entitled “Crazy Love”. The darkest reaches of America (whom for some might be “The Walking Dead” which happens to air on the same day) have never been so engrossing so expect Elizabeth to enthrall us once more.

It’s no wonder we’ve been SHAMELESSLY devoted to a bevy of actresses who have made their presence felt on the Showtime hit over 5 seasons. Elizabeth is a natural at comedy with her own touch of raciness and she also does bear a resemblance to fellow actress Kathryn Hahn who made her name as a funny woman. Some viewers may recognize her from “The Princess Diaries” starring a young Anne Hathaway where she played a cheerleader and it’s great to see this Nebraska native returning to her comic roots. As she goes to Giddy-up with the Gallaghers this week and the next, we’re already anticipating her upcoming projects.

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