Sizzling Cutie: Elizabeth Gudenrath

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Elizabeth Gudenrath is a genuine charmer with an innate loveliness to make a sweet impression. She has been lauded as flawless with a comely uniqueness and things are heating up quickly with her being part of one very popular TV show! She has a recurring role on “Shameless” as Julie, the woman who accepts an indecent proposal from Kevin (Steve Howey) sent on a mission to get some hand action (as they say) by his unfaithful wife Veronica (Shanola Hampton). Elizabeth is ever the tease in keeping with the rich, often dirty humor that’s made “Shameless” such rowdy fun and after this episode Rite Of Passage, she’ll return next week on the one entitled “Crazy Love”. The darkest reaches of America (whom for some might be “The Walking Dead” which happens to air on the same day) have never been so engrossing so expect Elizabeth to enthrall us once more.

It’s no wonder we’ve been SHAMELESSLY devoted to a bevy of actresses who have made their presence felt on the Showtime hit over 5 seasons. Elizabeth is a natural at comedy with her own touch of raciness and she also does bear a resemblance to fellow actress Kathryn Hahn who made her name as a funny woman. Some viewers may recognize her from “The Princess Diaries” starring a young Anne Hathaway where she played a cheerleader and it’s great to see this Nebraska native returning to her comic roots. As she goes to Giddy-up with the Gallaghers this week and the next, we’re already anticipating her upcoming projects.

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Canadian Vixen: Chantal Thuy

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We so often love us some Canadian hotties and CHANTAL THUY is a comely lady for whom terms of endearment should be bestowed upon her. A trilingual actress fluent in English, French and Vietnamese, she has the enchanting smile that’s so lovable. Chantal will have you gushing the words ‘Tu es la plus belle fille que j’ai jamais vu’ in no time. Check her out in the clip (above) taken from her appearance on the popular TV show “Pretty Little Liars” as Jackie, head of The French Club interacting with Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell). Mesmerizing is what comes to mind since she’s all sensual charm with her orate in French and we all know why it’s considered the sexiest language on the planet. A recent survey confirms this is true! As much as it may irritate non-French speakers, I find it fascinatingly elegant especially since the gorgeous CHANTAL verbalizes with such cultured softness.

It’s a delight to have someone so easy on the eyes and CHANTAL is very much remarkable in the cutie department. It’s fitting that CHANTAl has performed in French with the international Galli Theatre, taking the lead in their production of Cinderella. CHANTAL’s precious smile is an appealing facet of hers and so apt to play a well adored fairy tale character. It’s also great to see an actress with Asian roots who is flourishing in the entertainment hotbed. This Montreal native is on her way to becoming an internationally recognized talent and the world should already be having her in mind.