Courtney Halverson

The swoon-worthy Courtney Halverson enchanted audiences in 2016 in quite the riveting fashion on television screens. In her guest-starring role on “Criminal Minds” as Cheryl ‘Cherry’ Rollins, a woman who is kidnapped by a masked Unsub with huge daddy issues, she handled the physical and emotional strains with a plucky grit. Being strung up by her two arms for most of the episode has to … Continue reading Courtney Halverson

Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 5 June 2015

1. Courtney Hope in “Bones” – Courtney amps up her sex appeal in the new episode of “Bones” as Elizabeth Collins, a woman we learn is in an affair with her yoga instructor and winds up a murder suspect. Of course, her character appears in rather tempting photos from a website known as Peek-A-Pic! – Cometh Courtney the fast rising TV starlet having guest-starred on … Continue reading Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 5 June 2015