Sizzling Cutie: Lola Kelly

The foxiest women are certainly enticing us on the independent scene and the gorgeous Lola Kelly is sultriness personified. Viewers can catch her in “The Ouija Exorcism” with its premise of possession that is bound to sit well with horror fans. Given the phenomenal rise in the interest for possession-related films and shows such as “South Of Hell”, “Outcast”,etc., we’re in for a spooky ride! … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Lola Kelly

Indie Darling: Brittney Bertier

If there’s one blossoming actress that could imprint her endearing facets into our DNA, it would be the luscious Brittney Bertier. She stars in “The Ouija Exorcism” which has its story steeped in demon possession and sets itself apart from the stories we know by towing the lines of atmospheric horror and being character-focused. Halloween is indeed here and it’s exorcism film fever what with … Continue reading Indie Darling: Brittney Bertier