Indie Princess: Rachel Noll Rachel Noll is on the cusp of becoming a much sought after actress and is already giving us a glimpse of her relatably mesmerizing potential. In addition to being a delectable face onscreen, she’s also a writer and producer with the most notable thing to date being her feature film “Don’t Pass My By”. It’s a vignette style drama about regret, love and second … Continue reading Indie Princess: Rachel Noll

Rising Starlet: Sherri Eakin

We do have the hots for actresses from the South and Mississippi-born SHERRI EAKIN does indeed enthrall at first sight. So often horror features have been the platform to exhibit the potential of a leading lady and SHERRI has enough to suggest she’s one to get excited about. Starring in the slasher “Hayride” which has a bleak atmospheric tone to it, her attractiveness is one … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Sherri Eakin