Blonde Bombshell: Kiersten Hall

There I was today reading about the Glamorous Leading Ladies of Yesteryear such as Mae West, Kim Novak and Lana Turner who certainly reached the heights of feminine seduction during their time. Evoking the glittering Hollywood Sex Symbols of yore is the stunning actress/model Kiersten Hall who herself has been called a charismatic blonde goddess. If you’ve seen her tempting photos at the KIERSTEN HALL … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Kiersten Hall

Hot Actress #484 – Tisha Rivera: Sexy Siren

When someone as sumptuously sexy as TISHA RIVERA comes into one’s life, it’s undeniably a blessing. Genial by nature, TISHA’s appealing disposition shows that’s she’s part of a wave of talents who make the entertainment world a fantastic place to work and interact. As she has been overwhelmingly nice to me even though we haven’t personally, I’ll return the favor by showcasing her today. I … Continue reading Hot Actress #484 – Tisha Rivera: Sexy Siren