Ravishing Redhead: Rena Strober

Pretty as a peach, Rena Strober is a comedic actress everyone will soon rave about. In fact one female fan went on record and proclaim her admiration: ‘I love Rena Strober! Not only is she a wonderful singer and comedienne, she’s got great tits!’ After all, this busty comedienne was a spokesperson for the National Campaign for Playtex Bras and her healthy perkiness is to … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Rena Strober

Rising Starlet: Petra Bryant

Petra Bryant is a sweetheart the world should covet with fondness as she’s gracefulness personified. With several must-see films on the horizon, she is well on her way to achieving recognition. Petra is the lead of “The Disappearance of Lenka Wood”, the kidnap thriller where she’s a feisty woman (the titular Lenka) who has a harrowing experience during her honeymoon in Turkey. Starting out as … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Petra Bryant