Foxy Femme: Hilary Greer HILARY GREER has a natural sensuality that will have viewers gravitating to her in a hurry. With her photogenic features that’s cameras love and accentuate, this is one raven-haired beauty with her fair share of admirers. If you’re the sort who is into M├Ądchen Amick then be besotted by the equally stunning HILARY who has her own set of alluring charms. In the anthology … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Hilary Greer

Indie Princess: Summer Crockett Moore SUMMER CROCKETT MOORE is an award-winning talent who is steadily impressing us with solid turns on the indie festival circuit. She stars in the tense thriller “Junction” as one of four meth addicts on the shaky path to destruction. Discarding her ravishing redhead looks, viewers will applaud her transformation into the drug-addled Kari. She’s visually compelling in “Junction” especially since her appearance is one … Continue reading Indie Princess: Summer Crockett Moore