Rising Starlet: Brea Bee



Ethereal gracefulness encircles the lovely BREA BEE, very becoming of an earthly fairy with her pure milky skin illuminating from every angle. Her divine cheekbones are both fashionable and enthralling, a testament to how effortlessly BREA can amplify glamor to her collection of modeling shots. Quickly becoming a fixture on the indie scene, BREA can be seen in the early minutes of heartwarming dramas “The Best And The Brightest” and “Lebanon,PA”. She’s also so kindly informed me that she’s appearing in a national Comcast commercial this Fall and is slated to star in Robert Masciantonio’s feature film “Fairyland” shooting in December 2011. It’s unfortunate that the intriguing web series BLEEDERS was canned as BREA is hauntingly stirring as one of four female vampires bringing a hemophiliac into their fold. It’s positively gratifying to see women being the centerpiece of a vampire flick; Maybe they should have done that with the under performing “Fright Night” reboot! Her vamp with the heart of gold parallels her genial personality in real life, yet another one of BREE’s many pleasing traits.

There’s no better time than the present to check out the BREA BREE OFFICIAL SITE and be supportive of this gorgeous, emerging talent. Her foundations as a performer are more than sound, initially performing at prestigious theater productions and now expanding into the every realm of entertainment. She does capture the emotive elements of her characters at a level that’s filled with vibrant captivation. Sweet as honey, many more come to appreciate the sublimely charming Miss BEE.

Latin Vixen: Paulina Galvez

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A consummate character actress on both English and Spanish productions, PAULINA GALVEZ radiates sensuality each time she takes to the screen. Those gorgeous curls of hair, eminent cheekbones and mesmerizing Chilean/Spanish roots means she has all the makings of a Latin Sex Symbol. Many will remember her super hot sex scene from the independent sci-fi thriller Rottweiler where she plays her character Alyah with animalistic seduction despite her dowdy facade. With a daughter in tow, her ravishing of the hero of the film seems to be borne of motherly instinct. Even as Detective Ana Karina in the bilingual series “RPM Miami” on Telemundo, she never fails to entice…think Lauren Velez as the sassy Lt. Maria LaGuerta from “Dexter” and with her very own commanding aura that men intently fancy. Amidst the gearheads, fast-paced thrills and hot bodies, Paulina is marvelous as the forward thinking, bisexual cop. With “RPM Miami” renewed for a second Season after a ratings high, will PAULINA be there to generate even more heat??

The PAULINA GALVEZ OFFICIAL SITE and PAULINA GALVEZ OFFICIAL BLOG are essential viewing if you’re a fan. In her words, she’s an actress who very much follows her heart and her plucky, often daring performances over the years have lit up the screen. From her days as Marta, the Gypsy servant on ‘The Queen Of Swords’ and her various incarnations spanning several genres, it’s clear she infuses an unflinching feisty side in tandem with her undeniable Spanish sultriness. I was pleasantly surprised with her character’s swearing on the horror flick “The Nun”. Having been part of more than 30 features both in Europe and the US, this under-rated talent is steadily gaining the recognition she deserves.