Sizzling Cutie: Lianne Spiderbaby

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As a writer for Fangoria Magazine, LIANNE SPIDERBABY weaves thought-provoking perspectives on a complete spectrum of horror-related topics. One can almost compare her expertly crafted articles to the web that a spider magically spins. Then we come to the ‘Baby’ part of her name which is an unmissable nod to her baby-faced allure. Currently Scream Queen Of The Month for August 2011, she has a supporting role in “TBK: Toolbox Murders 2”, the blood-soaked sequel to its creepily, gory predecessor. She has launched her new series “Fright Bytes” on Youtube, treating us horror devotees to absorbing horror reviews, interviews with the stars and giving us the lowdown on conventions that’s all the rage. Ensure you don’t miss the very first episode ‘Scream 4’ as LIANNE spoofs the opening scene from the original “Scream: made famous by Drew Barrymore. She kept me entertained throughout and goes to show that she is as adept at acting as she is at writing reviews. Notably her critique on the “I Spit On Your Grave” remake evoked strong reaction from readers both supporting her views as well as some pretty nasty personal attacks with her in the crosshairs. Whether she ruffled some feathers or struck a raw nerve with her opinions on the film being a tad discriminatory to the female gender, we should still recognize she did raise compelling points in the well-researched article. Visit the LIANNE SPIDERBABY OFFICIAL SITE and get to know her in depth…in my opinion, she’s awesomely talented!

Fans can look forward to the LIANNE’s very first book “Grindhouse Girls”, detailing the emergence of exploitation actresses and the female movement in genre film from the 70’s/80’s. She’s quickly becoming a champion of female empowerment in cinema and is constantly striving to do even more. LIANNE serves as an inspiration to so many, who like her are doing their bid to promote horror and the performers that elevate the genre to become its highest reach globally.

Hot Actress #495 – Dai Green: Horror Vixen

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You have to love a gal who tells it like she sees it and F**K with people who aren’t hard core horror fans on Twitter. I also recently listen to DAI GREEN on Blogtalkradio as she pointed out the shortcomings of the 2011 AFTER DARK Originals and why some of the films doesn’t do justice to the spirit of the series. Having followed AFTER DARK Horrorfest through 4 iterations, there’s a sense that commercialism has slowly suffocated the festival’s indie cred. From always giving viewers 8 Films To Die for, this year it would be a surprise if half of them manage to live up to the hype! It’s enlivening to see DAI GREEN who’s an influential industry insider giving us her razor-sharp perspectives on horror whether as the Head Mistress for or as an entertainer/fan. Awarded Troma Entertainment’s Tromette of the Month for the month of April 2011 is a testament to her incredible contributions, in the process reiterating that women of horror should be recognized thus ridding the world of the ‘gina stigma (in her words). Widely regarded as one of the foxiest internet journalists around, her one-of-a-kind DAI OF THE DEAD column examines horror at its most stirring. None more so than her review of highly controversial gorefest “A Serbian Film” which I found thought-provoking! Haters are saying it’s propagating child pornography but DAI touches on the need to separate fiction from fact and why hypocrisy is rife when there are more questionable movies out there that haven’t gained such vicious backlash! Critics and so-called puritants should wake up and be mature enough to tell the difference between what is inferred on screen and what’s reality!

It’s great to be in contact with Terror Hotties as this close-knit community of talented ladies have been a great source of inspiration for me as a blogger. Seeing Dai Green in the company of fellow Horror Mavens such as Reyna Young, Rebekah Herzberg, Shannon Lark and Eileen Dietz among many others is such a thrill! Evidently I’m captivated by everything she has to say or has written as DAI offers valuable insights often in the spiciest of ways. With several indie projects brewing, DAI is set to be just as stimulating. It’s time we join the movement called ‘DAI ‘ism’…:)