Sizzling Actresses To Adore @ Bentonville Film Festival

Tara Samuel in “Wild Prairie Rose” – It’s because of the rivetingly entrancing Tara Samuel that my passion for indie talents is infinite and she has a way of imprinting her mesmeric mark on film. – As the rare yet enthralling breed of romantic leading lady Rose in “Wild Prairie Rose” who falls for a deaf mechanic, Tara embraces the the revolution of women during … Continue reading Sizzling Actresses To Adore @ Bentonville Film Festival

British Vixen: Chloë Crampton

There is a babe overload on “Chastity Bites” as it makes its World Premiere at Dances With Films 2013 and one of the film’s stars Chloë Crampton rightfully belongs in the category of comely starlets. Coming from across the pond, Sussex born cutie Chloë is making her debut as an American and one that’s a little on the mean side. In “Chastity Bites”, she’s part … Continue reading British Vixen: Chloë Crampton