Rising Starlet: Lindsey Sporrer


Lindsey Sporrer is the picture perfect Goddess who is on the way to be doted on by the masses. She stars in “Blue Mountain State: The Rise As Thadland” as the delectable Holly who is desired by both sexes in the full-length feature based on the cult TV series and why not when she’s such a divine beauty. Racy comedies have always had a special place in our hearts ever since the days of “American Pie” with its outlandish archetypes and the leading ladies that make us swoon. Lindsey is undeniably mesmerising at the first instance she appears as Holly, destined to leave us all weak at the knees in view of her being such a screen crush. Granted this may be a film about the boys and their shenanigans but we’ve entitled to our visage of stunning women too. Be it in the hot-tub or partaking in a hallucinogenic-induced threesome, Lindsey is a sizzler throughout.


As evident from her pics, Lindsey did heat up the red carpet at the LA premier of “Blue Mountain State: The Rise As Thadland” this past week. Yet again, as pointed out by some of my friends only recently, I’m unabashedly admitting my infatuation with blonde bombshells and like how her character Holly is mentioned so ardently in her movie, Lindsey in real life is heavenly indeed. Lindsey has played a young art student who seduces a poetry professor (Pierce Brosnan) in the drama “Some Kind Of Beautiful”. Next up, she will venture into sci-fi territory in “Terror Birds”, a Jurassic Park meets The Birds indie horror film that sees her starring as Taylor, a college girl who encounters long-thought extinct creatures on a trek to find her friend’s father. Many will remember that Tippi Hedren was a blonde starlet in the Hitchcockian horror classic and Lindsey could well start another wave of adulation in this fresh new year.

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Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Karli Rae Grogan

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At this year’s Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, the enchanting Karli Rae Grogan will be a screen darling to covet. She’s starring in the racy indie drama “The Morning After” which is going to be a stirringly fascinating watch. Here’s the interview with the lovely Karli:

1. Can you give us a tease about your role as Mona in “The Morning After” and why audiences should go to see it?

This film explores relationships and sexuality so it relates to pretty much everyone… there’ll be a vignette for you! I think ‘Mona’ in particular captures the themes of the film as she is a young woman still finding herself and exploring her sexuality. She is such an interesting character… extremely open minded… however quite naive to the impact her actions have on her mental state and others so it’s very interesting to watch how she goes about her adventures. She doesn’t have many boundaries.

2. “The Morning After” details the morning after when couples hooked up. What’s your take on casual sex and can it grow into a longer term romance?

It’s definitely possible! But it wouldn’t be in my dating advice book😛


3. It’s well known that Australian talents such as yourself are capturing the attention of the world. Why do you think this is so and what are your ambitions as a blossoming actress?

It’s definitely the advancement of technology. It’s pretty much even playing field worldwide with the arts now. I like to believe that hard work (which usually stems from passion) will always pay off. It’s such a bizarre industry, I haven’t figured it out yet myself. Hopefully I can work hard enough and with a touch of luck I’ll be able to take on brave roles for the rest of my life. I always want to be a part of films that challenge peoples perceptions and help the world love a little harder.

4. Could you give us a tease of your upcoming projects and what is your fav genre to act in?

I’m actually filming two feature films at the moment. One is called ‘Broken’, which is a drama about finding redemption and peace after a difficult relationship. The other is comedy film ‘A few less men’, sequel to ‘A few best men’ with Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop and Xavier Samuel. I would say I prefer drama but it’s probably because I’m more experienced with drama.

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5. Lastly, what do you think best represents being an entertainer? Is it distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences?

The ability to connect with audiences. Most entertainers have a yearning to connect with and influence people (hopefully for the better) and this is the perfect medium to do that🙂