Canadian Vixen: Chelsey Reist

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It’s inevitable that a Canadian Cutie is set to dazzle this year’s edition of the Portland Film Festival and CHELSEY REIST does earn our approval. This comely blonde stars in “Mon Ami” and will be adored for both her beauty as well as her physicality on film. As Crystal Halbern, she becomes the victim of a kidnapping by 2 bumbling dudes Teddy and Callum with plans to get rich by ransoming her. Things however don’t go to plan as the feisty Crystal proves too hot to handle and a series of violent accidents beset the abductors. Veering into horror-comedy and embodying the rich man’s daughter Crystal, CHELSEY does bear some of the brunt of the bloody carnage including blunt force head trauma among others so thumbs up to her! It’s nice that her role sees her being gutsy and tenacious as opposed to being just a damsel in distress. CHELSEY has been in her fair share of grisly flicks which may lack the humor of “Mon Ami” yet opts for the spine-tingling set-pieces horror fans have been accustomed to.

CHELSEY also gets to prove her versatility from being a spoiled, well-to-do brat in “No Tell Motel” to appearing as a bitch in “Crowsnest”. The common thread in all these features are that there’s usually some form of malevolence lurking. I chanced upon her in the WWE Superstar Randy Orton’s actioner “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded” where she had a racy scene on top of a guy. Whether she’s being all tied up or personifying aspects of a rising Scream Queen, viewers will find themselves preoccupied with her fascinating disposition.

Sizzling Cutie: Erica Duke

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ERICA DUKE is most certainly a lady capable of enticing our hearts since she’s gorgeous from head to toe. Since she appears in the racy comedy “Bikini Spring Break”, ERICA is in the ensemble of delectable up and coming actresses everyone should be intimately receptive towards. One can say, the hot blonde is becoming the sweetheart of independent film studio The Asylum having impressed in a clutch of features. If anyone is still skeptical of the success indie actresses can attain, the perfect example is Amy Adams who herself started in the straight to video “Cruel Intentions 2” before hitting the big time. Granted there’s always be detractors out there yet ERICA has consistently shown her potential to entertain. Who knows, she may just reach the pinnacle in Tinseltown!

As Sophie, the love interest in the crude teen sex romp “#1 Cheerleader Camp” a few years back, she projected the right amount of spunk to score with viewers. The general consensus is that she’s a onscreen honey earning for herself the admiration of several prevalent voices online. As you can see, I too am following the adulation that’s directed towards Miss ERICA DUKE by featuring her today. There’s always room to admire the sweet ones which catch the eye every so often and chances are ERICA has already kept us fascinated…:)