Exclusive Interview with Foxy Femme Bianca Rutigliano

One can only gaze at the swoon-worthy Bianca Rutigliano and affirm that modern television has the most ravishing faces on the planet. She’s set to stir hearts with her appearance on “Benders”, the hockey themed comedy that’s as raunchy as its is hilarious. I am blessed to get to chat with the genial Bianca and here’s the interview with her: 1. Give us a tease … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Foxy Femme Bianca Rutigliano

Sizzling Cutie: Annie Baria

Annie Baria has such lovable features that passionate fervor from viewers would be in the offing from the start. She has that Edie Sedgwick meets Pixie Lott quality which could make her a delectable muse in our time. Plus she’s a blogger too which means I have to spread the love. Here’s her blog ALTARED and she recently walked the red carpet at the premiere … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Annie Baria