Sizzling Cutie: Angela Trimbur

Once more glitter descends upon us in the form of another dazzling event celebrating the best in film. Indeed the LA Film Fest 2011 has some heavy hitters with heart throb Ryan Reynolds pledging allegiance to a lantern and Katie Holmes becoming very afraid of the dark. That also means a bevy of eclectic beauties who are going to be the talk of town in … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Angela Trimbur

Hot TV Vixens Of Summer Part 1

HOLLAND RODEN in “TEEN WOLF” I have a feeling Michael J. Fox must surely approve of the stunning Holland Roden in MTV’s re-boot of “Teen-Wolf”. Oh wait she so kindly posted this on my Facebook wall only a few days ago: ‘Thank you for being sooo supportive 🙂 I REALLY do appreciate it!!’ Michael My Man, Miss Holland has such a sizzling potency on and … Continue reading Hot TV Vixens Of Summer Part 1