Ellen Dubin

In this addictive cycle of TV shows worthy of binge-watching and film festival fever, there is one constant which is to exalt the sensation that is Ellen Dubin. Canada’s enchantress of notably mesmerizing onscreen work appears as in her recurring role as the officious Ellen Dunbrook on the riveting mini-series “Mary Kills People” which stars Caroline Dhavernas who is an angel of mercy. Having been … Continue reading Ellen Dubin

Hot Actress #407 – Nancy Wetzel:Rising Starlet

Introducing the comely brunette NANCY WETZEL who has a recurring role in the action-laden series ‘UNDERCOVERS’. Her character is that of a chef who is constantly kept on her toes by her panicky boss, the sister of the female CIA operative Samantha Bloom(played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Unfortunately ‘UNDERCOVERS’ was recently cancelled after 1 Season ending the run of yet another thrilling show and depriving us … Continue reading Hot Actress #407 – Nancy Wetzel:Rising Starlet