Rising Starlet: Jenna Willis


This week, yet another soon to be trailblazer arises on the small screen in the ravishing form of the lissome and talented Jenna Willis. She’s set to dazzle the world in her role as Tanya Brown in “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”, a new ten-part miniseries on FX starting Feb 2nd. O.J. is as most people know is Tanya’s former brother-in-law whom she still harbours feelings that he was responsible for the murder of her sister Nicole Brown Simpson even though he was found to be not guilty. Some might argue the show may open old wounds and yet we’re somehow fascinated by this fictional re-telling of the controversial case that gripped a nation. We can’t wait to see Jenna’s portrayal of Tanya who while coping with the loss of her sister Nicole had a mental breakdown. This personal story in itself has great dramatic potential as are the other personalities in the O.J. murder trial which is played by an all-star cast including Selma Blair, Connie Britton, Cuba Gooding Jr and Sarah Paulson.


For those who were at the premiere of “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”, you would have seen how Jenna lit up the red carpet in a sheer crop top ensemble that’s sexy with elegance in tow. She exudes an infectious spirit which will be of massive appeal to many viewers and she’s already a blossoming face on television. Fans of “Criminal Minds” would have seen her in the early moments in the episode “Drive” where as Amy Gibb, she was one of the victims of a deranged psychopath posing as a taxi driver and with a penchant for decapitating the heads of his victims. Playing such a sweetheart onscreen, one almost wishes she didn’t end up as the object of a serial killer’s obsession. What we do know is that Jenna Lewis has the utmost potential to be the darling in February and for many months aread.

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Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 10 Dec 2015


Jill Evyn in “Adaline”


– Psychological terror is making its presence felt in numerous indie films and the fetching Jill is perfectly cast as Daniela in “Adaline” that’s peppered with thrilling twists.
– She’s beautifully engaging as Daniela, the young artist who comes into inheritance of an old house that becomes the harrowing source of her nightmares.
– Jill is noted for her portrayal as a much desired lesbian actress in “Anatomy of a Love Seen” which showcased her relatable magnetism and sensuality.

Jaclyn Hales in “Christmas Eve”


– Many would have already seen her red-carpet photos at the premiere of her movie “Christmas Eve” and she is certifiably a darling in her elegant black dress.
– She’s also been hanging out with Sir Patrick Stewart who plays a rather grumpy figure in the film about six diverse groups of New Yorkers trapped inside elevators on Christmas Eve.
– With her leading lady role in the sci-fi flick “Alienate” releasing next year and her effortless charm on camera, Jaclyn is transitioning from indie sweetheart to a must-watch screen siren.

Annemarie Pazmino in “Army Dog”


– When we talk about cuties for life, Annemarie has to be rated highly in the adorable stakes and she’s been a sizzler both in indie films as well as television.
– Catch her as Laurie Holloway, the wife of Casper Van Dien’s Army Sargent Tom Holloway in “Army Dog” that tells of his relationship with his loyal bomb sniffing dog Conner.
– I’m blessed to have her autograph which she so graciously sent all the way from the US and I can’t wait to see more of her in luscious and fine fettle up on screen.

Julie Marie Hassett in “Blood Redd”


– Yet again, the unveils the most enticing women to have grace it and Julie is a head-turner in the much beloved genre.
– With her obvious feminine wiles, it’s no surprise that she plays a dangerously sexy werewolf in the indie horror movie “Blood Redd”.
– As she’s juggling acting and producing duties on a number of upcoming features, Julie’s steadily establishing her appeal on both sides of the camera.