Santa Barbara Film Festival Spotlight: Rising Starlet Katie Hyde

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It’s time to join hands and give plaudits to a naturally resonating leading lady such as the fetching Katie Hyde. Every year we are drawn to a gem of an actress like Katie who stars in a gem of an indie film “Mount Joy”. Just watching the trailer (above), you will be entranced by how memorable the emotional rollercoaster is bound to unfold. “Mount Joy” is a resonating tale of one’s dream hinging on the love of your life until it all falls apart. Katie plays Alex, the band manager of Pennsylvanian rock legends ‘The Living Daylights who does a runner just as the band is about to strike it big with a national tour. This causes the sudden abandonment of the band’s glorious pursuit by their lead singer who also happens to be her longtime boyfriend Sue played by Jay Della Valle. The explanation for her disappearance and sudden re-emergence in his life will have far-reaching consequences for everyone. As much as we don’t like to admit it, many of us have have indeed thrown away our ambitions for someone we love. Is is dumb love or something beyond the surface attraction that drives us…so apt with around 2 weeks away from Valentine’s Day? “Mount Joy” does seem like a film close to many a heart as it should be since Jack Lewars (director) and M. Angelo Mena (writer) both grew up together in Mount Joy, PA. They are able to create the intimacy that will have viewers tearing up I’m sure.

Katie has already graced the red carpet at the Santa Barbara Film Fest and the world premiere is only moments away. While I’m not able to finish up on the interview with Katie in time, having her on this blog is a blessing already. I for one am intrigued to see what she does next and not just because I’m a big supporter of indie actresses. There’s plenty to like as Katie pulls off the enigma and torture personalities of her character Alex with heartfelt malleability. Just as Sundance 2014 is the platform to launch up and coming faces, Katie could well be a breakout talent herself at the Santa Barbara Film Fest.

Screen Siren: Gloria Laino

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With “American Horror Story: Coven” (technically Season 3) making its debut on October 9, I would like to remind fans of the amazing GLORIA LAINO who was on the previous season Asylum. Kudos to the “American Horror Story” series that’s not only shocked audiences the world over with its menagerie of creepy personalities but also for having actresses across the age spectrum. Even though GLORIA’s character The Mexican met her maker in gory fashion at the hands of demon-possessed Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe), she stood out as the insane women who could see the Devil hiding within its host. In an interview, GLORIA has said it was an emotionally-draining role and we can envision that acting bat-shit crazy ala Brad Pitt from 12 Monkeys is not an easy feat. Her commitment to this challenging role speaks volume of GLORIA’s dedication in every feature she’s done. The genre of horror is certainly close to her having appeared in 2012′s “Paranormal Activity 4″ post-credits teaser trailer which could turn into the Paranormal Latino spinoff.

GLORIA was also in the wacky comedy “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III” where she had plenty of scenes with leading man Charlie Sheen (who some might say is himself a litte unhinged). She’s Lupe, the housekeeper of Charles Swan’s housekeeper who is a listening ear to all his life problems. One can see they both had an instant chemistry…:) Steadily firming up on big roles, she was also recently at the Emmys looking resplendent on the red carpet.This has to be the busiest week ever when it comes to shining the spotlight on actresses and my passion stems from the pleasantness that GLORIA has shown as soon I got in contact with her. She’s an under-rated talent that’s on her way to be quite the dazzler.