HollyShorts Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Amy Reedy


Amy Reedy is the multi-talented charmer with the luminosity to rise as one of the movers and shakers of the indie genre. She’s the writer/director/leading lady of the entertaining short film “Girl In Her Twenties” and already she’s graced the red carpet at this year’s HollyShorts Film Fest from the first night. Fans can expect to catch her at the screening on Wednesday, August 19th, at the Chinese Theatre 6 in Hollywood and grab a chance to take photos as well as selfies with her I’m sure. The big news in 2015 is that Amy has been working with James Franco writing for his feature film “Don Quixote” and that would be a great thing to look forward to. This collaboration will no doubt be leaving a vivid impression in the industry and could indeed elevate her into the limelight.

Meanwhile, we can indulge in the magic of her storytelling through “Girl In Her Twenties” where she stars as Allison who seems overwhelmed with the complications that come with loving someone. She takes us on her sometimes quirky yet eye-opening journey of a woman from her early, mid to late twenties as she evolves in her search for the meaning of romance. While the recent film “The Age Of Adaline” thrusts the notion of passion seekers into the realm of fantasy, Amy’s character Allison faces problems much more grounded in reality which the authenticity of her portrayal conveys with affectionate fulfilment. She shines in the emotional arc of Allison, from wonderment through to the inevitable disappointments and complications in the game of love. Ladies and gentleman, Amy is establishing herself as one of the promising starlets on the independent scene.

HollyShorts Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Emily Mest


We can’t stop showing our adulation towards the cutest actresses on the planet and the comely Emily Mest is indeed a veritable vision of sweetness. As we speak, Emily is already dazzling up the red carpet at the HollyShorts Film Fest whilst attending the screening of her short “Velvet Karma”. I can say that she does look extremely delectable in her white top and floral mini-skirt ensemble. In this not so serious take on fashion films, she’s luminously cool as May, a mischievous girl who together with her best friend trespass into Jeweler Tarina Tarantino’s downtown showroom. In just six minutes Emily is a cheeky enchanter as her antics is merrily entertaining in keeping with the fun tone of the short film. Don’t you wish you could sneak into a shop and indulge in revelry with wild abandon!

Also check Emily out in the horror flick “The Malibu Tapes” about four hard-partying teens who mysteriously vanish without any evidence of it being a kidnapping. Let’s hope we get to see Emily in even more features as she’s a certified doll and quite the fashion forward lady on account of her red carpet style. She’s one you could fall passionately for at a moment’s notice.