Actress Spotlight: Claudia Graf


The bewitching Claudia Graf is thrilling us this week and into the month of March as one of the captivating faces of the indie genre. At the on-going Hollywood Reel Indie Film Festival, she’s the leading lady of “She”, a horror short that threads the realm of psychological terror. Claudia stars as the mysterious woman who hitchhikes in the car of 2 friends and transforms their lives into a living hell. She’s the epitome of what it means to be a dangerous beauty and whilst being a good samaritan is an act of nobility, it can sometimes be your downfall. This stunning brunette is also slated to star in “I Am Good”, a short that’s of a brighter shade at the upcoming Cinequest Film Festival. Claudia plays Sabrina, a supermodel whose life is in a dreary funk but her chance encounter with a bored housewife could be the fillip she needs.

With her sex appeal and track record of embodying a range of enigmatic women on film, this model/actress could be looked upon as visually tempting. Claudia came into our adoring view after appearing in a series of interesting shorts most notably in “Iris”, set sometime in the future, where her character sells her body in order to obtain an I.D. to enhance her status in society. She seems to have the flair to inveigle us in the darker material onscreen and Claudia is expected to revel in an upcoming role as an unstable English Teacher in the pilot “The Monroes”. Hot For Teacher and for the sexy Claudia of course! Meanwhile she’s already done a fair bit to keep us entranced.

Sizzling Cutie: Lilly Lawrence


Newcomer Lilly Lawrence has the sassy features and delectable qualities to take a shine to and she’s about to shake your world. She’s starring in the thought-provoking film “Lion” which sheds light into how the ego can get in the way of someone you love and this romantic dramedy is screening this week at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival Just like how a lion often has its pride, this is about a guy who is struggling in life yet happens to fall head over heels with a woman who happens to be a bigger earner than him. Lilly plays Chessa, the love interest in question who complicates his life but is there a happy ending for the lovebirds? “Lion” definitely doesn’t shy away from the uneasiness of the male psyche when it’s about feelings of inadequacy. Even the recent episode of “Agent Carter” brought forth the impotency of men seeing how Agent Carter kicked the asses of her male colleagues! As Chessa, Lilly’s character gets to stand up to her envious paramour and not bow down to his whims. Tension makes for the best drama and I’m sure many can’t wait to see the sparks flying in more ways than one between the two of them.

The vivacious Lilly is expected to be at the premiere of “Lion” at HRIFF 2015 in Los Angeles. To male viewers, watch it with an open mind and while some of us guys may have been guilty of chauvinism in our lives even subliminally, leave the bruised egos behind and enjoy the film for its resonating parable. Kudos to the women who are part of the indie movement which are getting to the core of great storytelling and we may yet get to see Lilly as a dazzler yet again in the coming months.