Actress Spotlight: Claudia Graf

The bewitching Claudia Graf is thrilling us this week and into the month of March as one of the captivating faces of the indie genre. At the on-going Hollywood Reel Indie Film Festival, she’s the leading lady of “She”, a horror short that threads the realm of psychological terror. Claudia stars as the mysterious woman who hitchhikes in the car of 2 friends and transforms … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Claudia Graf


Sizzling Cutie: Lilly Lawrence

Newcomer Lilly Lawrence has the sassy features and delectable qualities to take a shine to and she’s about to shake your world. She’s starring in the thought-provoking film “Lion” which sheds light into how the ego can get in the way of someone you love and this romantic dramedy is screening this week at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival Just like how a lion … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Lilly Lawrence