Indie Princess: Kira Davies

The adorable Kira Davies is an up and coming actress who can certainly shine in the boldest of roles. It takes a special talent to sink her teeth into explicit subject matter featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism. As we’ve seen “Nymphomaniac” and will indeed see in the upcoming “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, the roles essayed by the leading ladies wade … Continue reading Indie Princess: Kira Davies

The Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2014

1. Natalie Krill in “The Listener” – Natalie stars as forensics technician Alex Kendrick in hit series “The Listener” who is the newest IIB team member and possibly the love interest for lonesome Dev. – Just like Evangeline Lilly, Natalie is living proof that actresses from Saskatchewan are truly ravishing in the eyes of the world! – She actually loves shows about aliens and Star … Continue reading The Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2014