Foxy Femme: Brigitte Graham

The Goddesses of the indie world are glowing with verve this week and the enticing Brigitte Graham is certainly a treasured watch. She stars in “Black Widows” as Nora who together with her friends Olivia and Darcy take revenge on the rapist who violated Darcy. Sprinkled with dark humour, “Black Widows” dials down its disturbing themes and puts the spotlight on revenge-seeking girls who happen … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Brigitte Graham

British Vixen: Nicole Faraday

The UK is becoming the epicentre of esteemed talents and Nicole Faraday is once such thespian with wonderful promise. This gorgeous actress is starring in the revenge thriller “Kill Kane” playing Kim Brookes, the wife of the character Vinnie Jones is essaying which is a surprising turn in itself. Abandoning his screen forays as mostly villains most recently on “Arrow”, he’s a force of nature … Continue reading British Vixen: Nicole Faraday