Actress Spotlight: Clare Grant

Modern-day Goddesses such as Blonde Bombshell Clare Grant is an amalgamation of both sex appeal and creative talents. This week, she guest-stars on “Castle” as Nina O’Keefe, a woman accused of murder and whom Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) initially fingers as the killer. Things take a dramatic twist however as his instincts lead him to a different conclusion especially when Nina is discovered to be … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Clare Grant

Most Enchanting Women @ The Geekie Awards 2014

1. Kristen Nedopak, Luscious Maven of All Things Geekie Awards – She is the brainchild of “The Geekie Awards” and she’s gracing the event in a super sexy “Mother Of Dragons” inspired costume which will certainly spark multitude fantasies…:) – What better than to have the luscious Kristen Nedopak who made this show for all geeks around the world a special one year in year … Continue reading Most Enchanting Women @ The Geekie Awards 2014