Vancouver Web Fest 2017 Spotlight: Kate Mines

The online world is a terrific medium to discover rising stars and the amiable Kate Mines is catching a wave of adoration on the web. She stars as Kit Knockers, a washed-up soap star in the new series “Dropping The Soap”, now streaming on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play and Dekkoo. It is also premiering this year’s Vancouver Web Fest, Canada’s premier digital series event … Continue reading Vancouver Web Fest 2017 Spotlight: Kate Mines

Lilan Bowden

Her effervescence calls for generous passion and the comely Lilan Bowden will be garnering a deluge of compliments in the months ahead. She’s changing the landscape when it comes to Asian American archetypes with her role as the rebellious Bex Mack on the new Disney series “Andi Mack”. Already available on digital platforms, watch Lilan and leading lady Peyton Elizabeth Lee who plays the titular … Continue reading Lilan Bowden