Actress Spotlight: Renee Dorian

Friday the 13th is not just a day of spookiness as it’s also the day when our beloved horror actresses shine especially since the comely Renee Dorian is sparking our attention. She’s starring in “The Funhouse Massacre” which is due to spread terror this November 13th and has Robert Englund (Mr Freddy Krueger himself) in fine fettle. Will the precious Renee survive the carnage that … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Renee Dorian

British Vixen: Coralie Rose

It’s an art to be both sweet and saucy, that most alluring of traits by which CORALIE ROSE can bring into play whenever she graces the screen. Paul Breuls, the producer of “The Devil’s Double” may have jumped the gun when he remarked how UK actresses are perceived as having a conservative reputation. He probably is not privy to CORALIE’s racy love scenes in “Rise … Continue reading British Vixen: Coralie Rose