7 Hot Actresses At Shriekfest 2011

Audrey Walker in “Rage” http://vimeo.com/14394554 She’s in one of the most brutal home invasion movies ever seen and Audrey Walker delivers a roller-coaster of emotions as Crystal, the wife of a man targeted by a dude called ‘The Biker’. The physical and mental torture dished out by the nasty invader on her will be one of the most talked about scenes and in my opinion … Continue reading 7 Hot Actresses At Shriekfest 2011

Rising Starlet: Dana DeLorenzo

To remember singer extraodinaire Amy Winehouse, it is poignantly essential to feature attractive DANA DELORENZO who cites Amy as being a heavy influence on her as an entertainer. DANA is of course the lead vocalist for tribute band HOUSE OF WINEHOUSE who stayed true to the spirit of Amy, the recently deceased artist with the signature beehive do and sultry bluesy vocals. In DANA’s words, … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Dana DeLorenzo