Actress Spotlight: Rebecca Henderson

An endearing sweetheart who has lit up the Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals, Rebecca Henderson replicates her charismatic essence on television. She guest-stars alongside Abigail Spencer on this week’s episode of “Rectify”. She plays Jenny Paar, a friend of Abigail’s Amantha Holden who together have an uncomfortable history. Their reunion at Thrifty town where Amantha works is however more cordial with a tinge of sadness … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Rebecca Henderson

Foxy Femme: Somyia Finley

She’s sultriness personified and Somyia Finley is a captivating vision we’ve on course to be attuned towards. Her most riveting performance to date has to be in “Counter Parts” screening at the NYC Horror Film Fest 2014 where she’ll astound and terrify with equal measure. A luminous beauty with a sexy voice, Somyia pushes the envelope both emotionally and physically in what are challenging dual … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Somyia Finley