Sundance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Jen Tullock


The film festival circuit is where we so often chanced upon the gems of the indie genre and Jen Tullock is one such beguiling talent. She stars in “Partners”, an official short film selection at Sundance and delves into the lives of a lesbian couple stuck in a rut when it comes to their sex lives. Will they be able to overcome their desires to salvage their relationship? Jen has already been praised as a spirited performer with an impeccable timing and she is on her way to wow audiences at Sundance. Together with her co-star Hannah Pearl Utt, Jen’s also pulling double duty as the writer of “Partners” so we can’t wait to be entertained by her distinctive touch that has lively humour in mind.

Keeping up with the amazing group of women on both film as well as TV is pure bliss what with them being eye-catching day on day. This week is certainly becoming one where women are the force of enchantment and it’s great to see Jen playing her part in making us swoon. She is a whiz at embodying her multiple alter egos onscreen most often in the name of making us laugh so she has most of us in the palm of her lovely hands. Even in the darkest of times, women comediennes such as the vivacious Jen should be applauded for lifting the gloom that we may have in our lives. Her mesmerising blue eyes does potently augment her charisma and she could yet be joining the list of breakout indie actresses in this most riveting year.

Rising Starlet: Ashley Bratcher


Affection is certain to be lavished on engaging beauty Ashley Bratcher who is making waves on the independent scene. She’s appearing in “90 Minutes To Heaven” an existential drama about life and death that sees a man claiming he’s seen heaven after returning from the dead. Ashley plays Susan Long whose is best friends with Kate Bosworth’s character Eva Piper, supportive in their collective grief over the accident that almost claimed the life of her husband. She can also be seen in the sleeper hit “War Game” which surprised many by being a box-office champ when it was released. “War Game” turned the movie industry on its head by propelling faith-based films into the ardor of the public. Likewise screen cutie Ashley would have won many her heart with her pleasing charm and if you’ve spotted her on the read carpet, she’s a looker indeed!


Her authenticity on camera will be thoroughly attractive to audiences which she exhibited so gracefully as Grace Anderson, the leading lady of “Princess Cut”. Movies might be regarded as a medium of make-believe but Ashley makes me a believer in the often unattainable thing we call true love! As Grace, she harbours dreams of one day having a suitor slip a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and swears his devotion to her. But as we know passion doesn’t come easy and when things don’t go as she hoped, will her notions of romance be bruised? The likeable X-factor is something that has a compelling edge to it and Ashley has already show she has that in abundance this year. 2015 and beyond is primed for the talented Ashley to step into the limelight.

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