Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Big Apple Film Festival 2015


1. Sonja O Hara and Katie Morrison in “Ovum”

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– Destined to be one of the most coveted talents from Canada, Sonja O’Hara enthrallingly delivers as both the leading lady and writer of her film “Ovum”.
– She concocts a compelling tale about egg donors as a fascinating parable akin to actresses auditioning for the role of a lifetime, darkly entertaining from start to finish!
– Enticing blonde Katie Morrison is the poster girl for “Ovum” and why not when she’s beguiling audiences with her enigmatic allure.
– A vision of ravishing beauty, she of course dazzles as Ellen, the feisty lesbian and art model who has a complex yet sensual relationship with Sonja’s character Calpurnia Dylan.

2. Sepideh Moafi in “Best Man In The Dark”

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– When when one talks about cuties, Sepideh Moafi certainly ranks high on anyone’s adoring list which means she’ll be craved when her film “Best Man In The Dark” screens.
– It’s inevitable that she’s going to be quite the enchanting temptation as Tereza, the leading man Jonas’ voluptuous ex-girlfriend and partner in crime.
– Already a fetching fixture on TV, Sepideh recently guest-starred on “Limitless” and will sizzle our world as a streetwalker in HBO drama pilot “The Deuce” set during the heyday of the porn industry.

3. Christina Toth in “Frankie: Italian Roulette”

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– The Big Apple Film Fest cherishes the ebullient Christina Toth as she follows up her leading role in “Jane St.” last year with another captivating one in the short “Frankie: Italian Roulette”.
– Some have anointed her as a porcelain doll with the ability to give soulful performances and in “Frankie: Italian Roulette”, she’s every bit the engrossing tease.
– Christina is often drawn to strong driven women and as she evolves into a talent who shines in roles of conflicted contrasts, we are duly enamoured.

4. Gabrielle Stone and Kaylee Williams in “Once, When I Was Dead”

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– It’s great to see actresses who are notable for their work on indie horror get the plaudits as Gabrielle Stone and Kaylee Williams are both bewitching. Both star in “Once, When I Was Dead” which certainly has a wickedly interesting storyline.
– A fast rising starlet, Gabrielle (who is the daughter of horror legend Dee Wallace) has an edgy and cultivated appeal that’s primed for continuous affection.
– One of the most likeable actresses in horror, Kaylee Williams is affection-worthy and could become one of the most mesmerising belles of horror.

5. Halley Feiffer in “It Had To Be You”

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– Halley Feiffer is a focus of obsession on this blog and probably everywhere else; she’s able to tell a genuine story with an adorably quirky eloquence.
– She reunites with her fellow actress Cristin Milioti who together wowed the theatre scene and now bring their endearing spunk into the romantic comedy “It Had To Be You”.
– While I couldn’t score a trailer for “It Had To Be You”, check Halley out in her web-series “What’s Your Emergency” as Janice Featherstone who is as inept as her fellow 911 call center colleagues but should be a lovable candidate to guest-star on “The Big Bang Theory”.

Portland Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Caroline Hebert


New Orleans could well be the epicentre of exciting new faces and Caroline Hebert has the fetching potential to gain avid interest. She’s starring in the short film “Dead Saturday” which threads the religion angle as a misguided teenager believes he has found a period of time when all our sins will be overlooked. There’s certainly been a wave of fascination with religious films recently what with the box office triumph of “War Games” and this will be another to spark a conversation. While Caroline belongs in the class of cuties the likes of Madison Davenport (From Dusk Till Dawn), this cherubic actress sheds her winsomness for a more gloomy look in “Dead Saturday”. Just like Ellen Page, her beautiful symmetric gaze and adorably petite frame may get her plenty of ardor.

She’s also slated to feature in an episode of the long running hit series “NCIS” and that’s something for TV fans to savour. Good to know she will be alongside Emily Wickersham on the show who happens to be one of the first actresses I blogged about. Caroline was also in one of my favourite shows “Salem” in it very first season and appeared in the romantic drama “The Best Of Me” with James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan who played former lovers. She’s could very well transition into a dazzler of our hearts!