Portland Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Caroline Hebert


New Orleans could well be the epicentre of exciting new faces and Caroline Hebert has the fetching potential to gain avid interest. She’s starring in the short film “Dead Saturday” which threads the religion angle as a misguided teenager believes he has found a period of time when all our sins will be overlooked. There’s certainly been a wave of fascination with religious films recently what with the box office triumph of “War Games” and this will be another to spark a conversation. While Caroline belongs in the class of cuties the likes of Madison Davenport (From Dusk Till Dawn), this cherubic actress sheds her winsomness for a more gloomy look in “Dead Saturday”. Just like Ellen Page, her beautiful symmetric gaze and adorably petite frame may get her plenty of ardor.

She’s also slated to feature in an episode of the long running hit series “NCIS” and that’s something for TV fans to savour. Good to know she will be alongside Emily Wickersham on the show who happens to be one of the first actresses I blogged about. Caroline was also in one of my favourite shows “Salem” in it very first season and appeared in the romantic drama “The Best Of Me” with James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan who played former lovers. She’s could very well transition into a dazzler of our hearts!

Indie Princess: Mia Ella Jordan


The attractive essence of indie actresses is how they illuminate the screen and Mia Ella Jordan has a subtle yet glowing appeal. Coupled with her gracious nature, a semblance of fondness should be heading her way in due course. She can be seen in the trailer of the comedy short “Nice Guy” which is currently making the rounds on IMDB. Mia stars as Nina, a gamer girl who is in a potential pool of women that Jim Franken aka the titular Nice Guy hopes to find as the special one. With her expectations of the ideal guy being tied to video gaming lore, this could be a bridge too far to find a soulmate! She is also slated to appear in “After Hours” with its release date being 22nd September that continues the theme of love.

Here’s Mia giving us a glimpse into her role in the movie “After Hours” and her upcoming projects:

My role in After Ours is a girl that’s dating a much older influential show runner in Hollywood. The main scene is when I go to greet him during an informal meeting and he ditches me in a very humiliating way. That’s when I realize it’s not a real relationship, but I too exposed myself to that.

My future projects are the feature “Starmaker” and I just became an Academy of Television Arts & Sciences / Primetime Emmys Member in the Performers Group which is not easy (lol) because you need an extensive amount of work hours in an Emmy related show. I’m very excited about that and also another feature I’m not allowed to say the name yet and the release of the short “I Forgot You Were Here” by Valentina Avayu, where I play the lead as a blind art student.

Seeing how she’s delving into romantic roles, Mia’s fetching smile should give her the likability that viewers yearn for. From indie films to music videos, one of which was the saucy, babe heavy Jez Dior Music Video ‘Who Drank My Whiskey’, she’s striving to ensure her moments onscreen have a resonating effect on viewers. We’ve seen indie films being a reflection of every day life and that’s why we find the relevance and charm within the tapestry of stories. The enchanting Mia is certainly more than capable of bringing substance within each character.