Rising Starlet: Mhairi Calvey

Glaswegian actress Mhairi Calvey is a personable screen siren with a strikingly, relatable appeal that’s favoured by the masses. She shines in the sci-fi thriller “Abduct” as Crystal who is running from an orphanage whilst pursued by the eponymous Man In Black, suggesting we’re in for conspiracy theories and aliens. “Abduct” also stars Sienna Guillory and amps the paranormal lore with the addition of William … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Mhairi Calvey

Top Hotties From Game Of Thrones

Ahh…..UK Ladies. We can’t get enough of them…their lovely accents, sophistication and so much more. Right now they certainly are conquering the realm of television! But who’s the fairest of them all in this Beauty Game Of Thrones? 1. EMILIA CLARKE As Daenerys Targaryen – She’s turning heads with her “Flying Eyebrows” fashion statement in every episode. – Could she be playing the only other … Continue reading Top Hotties From Game Of Thrones