IFS Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Jessica Kemejuk


With her alluring Russian/Ukrainian/Japanese roots, the stunning Jessica Kemejuk will have a beeline of admirers for years to come. She’s the leading lady of the crime thriller “Forced To Kill” as Valerie, a housewife thrown to the wolves as a consequence of her husband’s mounting gambling debts. She’s give the ultimatum of becoming a killer in order to settle her hubby’s delinquent act and this forces her to do things way outside her comfort zone. Her desirable features augment the wealth of talents she possesses, always remarkably cultured as an actress, model, writer, producer and artist. In “Forced To Kill”, Jessica captivatingly spreads an emotional diversity throughout the film in the role of the troubled Valerie enslaved by bad hats though not by any fault of hers. Jessica’s soulful eyes is pivotal in conveying the burden on her character’s shoulders.


Jessica can also be seen in the indie drama “ToY” which is making a splash at numerous film festivals. She’s also a devotee of “Game Of Thrones” and has indicated that her spirit animal is the wolf….sounds like she’s Team Stark which happens to be the House I’m rooting for as well! It is the House that has a bevy of dauntless women such as Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark and Maisie Williams’s Arya Stark which mirrors Jessica’s own affinity for causes that empower women. She’s definitely the personification of a trifecta beauty; good-natured, intelligent and swoon-worthy, her qualities we’re positively enamoured with.

Rising Starlet: Ileana Huxley

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It’s great to see fresh faces make their mark on television and the very attractive Ileana Huxley is poised to be in our adoring sights. She’s starring in “Shameless” which returns for its 4th season in all its gritty comedic glory with her scene being as racy as the topless ironing by Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) in a previous season. By far, one of the most realistic shows ever, its emphasis on those who are often not at their glamorous with its poor next door characters is a huge selling point. Shamelessly devoted to the show would be viewers who can’t get enough and Ileana who plays the Russian escort Nika is yet another face for longing fascination. This blonde hottie has those lips as luscious as Emmy Rossum which means we’re in for a visual treat as she’s slated to appear in 3 episodes. It’s rumored she’ll add extra spice to the family dynamics that’s been a big draw.

That’s indeed the beauty of keeping tabs on upcoming talents, seeing Ileana’s performances unfold before our eyes be it on “Shameless” or on her upcoming projects. Her start in theater was the catalyst for her desire to explore the arena of Film and TV which now is a boon for admirers of actresses I’m sure. It’s only January in 2015 and already we could fathom Ileana to start making a most entrancing impression.