Actress Spotlight: Lindsay Musil

Your TV screens are about to get steamy on Jun 6th as Lindsay Musil stirs your senses in the sophomore season of Lifetime Channel’s “Unreal” as the very enticing Beth Ann, one of the new contestants of the reality dating show ‘Everlasting’. Beth Ann is no ordinary gal from the South as she reveals her sensitive side in refusing to wear a Confederate bikini-wearing for … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Lindsay Musil

Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Brieanna Steele

Brieanna Steele is a burgeoning indie actress with the undeniable charisma and artistic verve that’s very much endearing. Her drive to see more females being represented on film is in itself worthy of adulation. On as well as off screen, Brieanna is a shaker and mover, letting her myriad of talents be the cornerstone of enchantment. She’s also slated to captivate the world in the … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Brieanna Steele