Alison Kohlhardt

Content in the short form do indeed excite us especially with film-maker/actress Alison Kohlhardt sparking a rising interest. She stars in “Synesthesia”, the short film about the ills of being hooked on digital devices where she doubles up as a director. It will be screening at about 20 film festivals including this weekend at the Short. Sweet. Film Festival 2017. This has been a busy … Continue reading Alison Kohlhardt

Rising Starlet: Katie O’ Malley

Every so often, we’re left enamored with fresh faces onscreen and vivacious Katie O’Malley is on her way to garner adoration. Besides film especially in the horror genre, television is the medium to be awed by breakout actresses and Katie is a bright prospect indeed. Evidently likable, she has a Sandra Bullock meets Emily VanCamp pleasing affront and you will love Katie’s sweet nature just … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Katie O’ Malley