Spanish Vixen: Cristina Brondo

Barcelona FC is not the only addiction for many around the world as Sexy Basque Stunner CRISTINA BRONDO can likewise incite some serious fandom. The cleavage teasing poster of her movie “Penumbra” should see to that, having previously gone topless in the psychological thriller “Hipnos” as well as partaking in a saucily wet FHM (Spain) spread further fueling her sex appeal! If the late 90s/early … Continue reading Spanish Vixen: Cristina Brondo

Hot Actress #466 – Pollyanna McIntosh: Sex Bomb

Jack Ketchum film adaptations have introduced to the world some of the sexiest and most enormously talented women. From lust-worthy Robin Sydney of “The Lost” fame to angelic Blythe Auffarth from the riveting “The Girl Next Door” and POLLYANNA MCINTOSH who as the cannibalistic ‘WOMAN’ in “Offspring” was scary good. The gory thriller makes for exceptional viewing as it brings up the question is evil … Continue reading Hot Actress #466 – Pollyanna McIntosh: Sex Bomb