Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Carrie Genzel

© Robin Emtage Bunch https://vimeo.com/136933371 Potently saucy Carrie Genzel is one of the most dynamic actresses in the industry and she’s set to arouse a rapidly growing fascination with her guest-star role on an iconic show this week. She’s guest-starring in the series “Supernatural”, continuing her phenomenal run on television and exhilarating our eyes once more. Carrie personifies the distinct allure of Canadian women across … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Carrie Genzel

Rising Starlet: Megan Dickinson

If ever there was a time to be fixated on TV, it is the now especially with the emergence of actresses such as the beguiling Megan Dickinson. In the new Starz series “Flesh And Bone”, Megan stars as Mona, an aspiring ballet dancer who gets immersed in the world of leading lady Claire(Sarah Hay), her fellow dancer who herself is a troubled soul. Who knew … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Megan Dickinson