Horror Vixens To Crave @ ShriekFest 2015


1. Montana Marks & Rosebud Baker in “6:15”

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– What better than to be in awe of cuties Montana Marks and Rosebud Baker when they make history as the leading ladies of the first ever One-Take POV Zombie feature “6:15”.
– This could be the film that propels Montana Mark to rapid fandom seeing how she’s the stunner with the girl-next-door looks who is making waves in the indie horror scene.
– While Rosebud is also a standup comic, she’ll garner plenty of attention by dazzling in yet another innovative take on the addictive zombie movie roster.

2. Laura Niles & Fiona Hardingham in “Chatter”

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– “Chatter” puts the fear into our use of social media and it so happens stars 2 sexy sirens who are blessed with attractiveness that’s so prevalently magnetic.
– Laura has already been praised as being an absolute sizzler throughout and she’s a horror honey with the desirability of a Sex Bomb.
– Fiona is a British actress with such an endearing affront coupled with seriously enchanting talent that ensures we establish a loving affinity for her.

3. Marita Gomsrud in “The Wrong Profile”


– There’s a cool factor when heaping compliments on Nordic beauties and Norwegian-born Marita is certainly a performer who mesmerises us into willing submission.
– She’s starring in the short film “The Wrong Profile” which delves into the lives of serial killers and the FBI agents who hunt them, polar opposites on either side of the law.
– Although I couldn’t find a trailer for her movie, Marita is the definition of sauciness in the music video “Bottom Of My Heart” (above) as she makes love to one randy doll.

4. Hannah Levien & Lynn Lowry in “The Divine Tragedies”

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– Beloved Scream Queen Lynn Lowry joins blossoming indie horror starlet Hannah Levien in “The Divine Tragedies”, a tale of 2 sadistic brothers who take pleasure in killing.
– After her captivating performance as a Greek Goddess in “Supernatural”, Hannah’s follow-up sees her in a dual role of Vanity, a British hooker and the endearing waitress Genevieve.
– Her movie “Model Hunger” proved that Lynn still has plenty of sensual appeal on top of being a horror icon and she will no doubt add dynamism whenever she takes to the camera.

5. Julia Aks in “Clinger”


– We do love women who have the old world charm as well as beauty and many will be besotted with Julia’s fetching looks.
– One only has to witness her spot-on comic delivery in the horror-comedy “Clinger” to fall for her as the cynical Kelsey Peterson, a performance worthy of repeat viewing.
– With comparisons to Lisa Kudrow bestowed upon her, Julia is destined to be regarded as an exciting scene-stealer with a fun, vivacious spirit.

Rising Starlet: Jaclyn Hales

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With her sunny disposition, Jaclyn Hales is a sweetheart with the fresh spirit to melt many a heart. She’s steadily making a splash on the independent scene and on her way to be a breakout talent in 2014. The fantasy genre is yet another platform that have launch some of the hottest new faces and Jaclyn is heading into coveted territory. She is slated to star alongside Patrick Stewart in the comedy “Stuck” to be released in 2015 where hilarity ensues when a motley group get trapped in an elevator on Christmas Eve. First up though is the alien invasion thriller “Alienate” which has got sci-fi gem written all over, the suspenseful action bound to generate huge interest. It’s War Of the Worlds revisited and not revealing the dangerous aliens gives it a mysterious vibe that’s too intriguing to miss. Playing Samantha Hayes with an inviting maturity, she gets caught up in what seems like an End Of The World scenario sparked by nefarious beings.

It was a fairytale of sorts set in the gamer space that brought Jaclyn to our attention. Her leading lady role as Marsha, the socially awkward girl from a D&D guild in “Unicorn City” was one of her shining moments. As the lovesick Marsha, she’s a scene stealer, harboring ‘more than friends’ romantic inclinations for gamer Voss and trying to get him to notice. Just like the fun tone of the film, Jaclyn is mightily appealing throughout and in the nerd world would be very much considered to be a lovable geek girl what with her sporting those pointy elf ears albeit in costume. Those blue eyes of hers would certainly gain favor with many an admirer so look out for Jaclyn to dazzle for the long term.