Actress Spotlight: Jen Tullock


Television could well see a new star arising in the cultivated form of the enthralling Jen Tullock. She has a meaty role on this week’s episode of Roadies called “The Corporate Gig” which has popular electronica duo “Phantogram” performing ‘You Don’t Get Me High Anymore’. She plays Logan The Eraser Girl who initially comes off as a cussing, feisty lady but gets mellow and eventually even has an intimate duet with Milo (Peter Cambor). She does keep it real with the classic line “I’m going to cut your heart out and serve it on a f**king platter like Sushi!” towards Milo. You might think Milo has got on her bad side while trying to chat Logan up but he does finally gets to break the ice with her. Stealing every scene she’s in, Jen elevates her character Logan with her constrasting affront that has its distinctive charm. It’s time to let Jen headline her own TV Series!

With partner Hannah Pearl Utt, she is currently co-writing/starring in “Disengaged”, an original series for Turner’s Super Deluxe. She’s a must watch as Sidney whose hasty engagement with her partner Jules complicates their relationship. “Disengaged” has a trio of accomplished women at the helm with Jen joining Hannah and Nora Kirkpatrick (executive producer) in creating this engaging tale of lesbians in love. I wholeheartedly admire both Jen and Nora, their grace on par with their immense talents. Jen also garnered the world’s attention in the Sundance Film Festival favourite “Partners” as Leigh whose sex life with her lesbian paramour has come to a standstill. Whether you’re straight or queer, Jen’s mesmerising qualities are universal so let’s spread the love for this darling of a human being.

Sizzling Indie Starlets To Adore @ LA Film Festival 2016


Alicia Vela-Bailey in “Lights Out”


– Assuming the role of Diana, a terrifying spectre in the James Wan produced horror film “Lights Out”, she puts the fear in Sophie (Maria Bello), her daughter (Teresa Palmer) and her son Martin (Gabriel Bateman) wherever there is darkness.
– Maria Bello lauds Alicia as being sweet and good natured which as we know is very appealing to audiences. This gorgeous actress/stuntwoman who is doubling for Gal Gadot in the upcoming Wonder Woman film will soon find a plethora of devotees.
– Marvel Fans would already be in her corner as she had a recurring role as Alisha, the inhuman with the ability to create copies of herself in the hit series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Heather Matarazzo & Marem Hassler in “Girl Flu”


– Heather Matarazzo is a legend in both indie comedy and indie horror with compelling turns in “Welcome To The Dollhouse” and “Hostel 2”. Marem Hassler came into our adoring view as Danielle, a party girl in “Layover” which dazzled at SIFF 2014.
– Heather stars as Lilli, a friend of the clueless Jenny (Katee Sackhoff) who is a single mum grappling with the intricacies of motherhood. Lilli gamely teaches Jenny’s daughter Bird (Jade Pettyjohn) about the use of a tampon in a memorable and funny scene from “Girl Flu”.
– Pleasing both on and off screen, Marem’s supporting role as Beth should add a fetching touch to what is an adorably enjoyable familial theme of “Girl Flu”.

Meadow Williams in “Officer Downe”


– With a sold-out screening at this year’s Los Angeles Film Fest, “Officer Downe” is on course to be a huge hit and could well catapult Meadow William into worldwide adulation. She is after all starring alongside Kim Coates of “Sons of Anarchy” fame who is the titular bad-ass.
– Expect Meadow to be a visual pleasure as the Mother Supreme, who together with her gun-toting nuns are going to be quite a handful for our LAPD cop hero Officer Downe. This is a graphic novel adaptation so there’s going to be tons of stylised gore and psychedelic fun.
– Meadow is hands down a blonde bombshell to crave and proved she’s potently enticing in “The Harvest”, notably locking lips with none other than Michael Shannon.

Lorraine Stanley in “A Hundred Streets”


– Having been compared favourably to Kathy Burke after her mesmerising performances in British cinema, Lorraine Stanley has embraced the mantle of character actress with dogged moxie and is also a soap star thanks to her appearance on “EastEnders” as Thelma Bragg.
– Appearing alongside Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton in the upcoming drama “A Hundred Streets” should signal that she’s establishing herself as a must-watch actress. Lorraine’s versatility and down-to-earth appeal speaks to audiences.
– You may have also seen her in the early feminist movement film “Suffragette” which starred Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter.

Rebecca Harris in “My First Kiss and the People Involved”


– Rebecca Harris came into prominence this year with her recurring role on TV as Ledda Dobbs in “The Outsiders” as well as the short “Stay Awake” which premiered at Slam Dance as well as the Berlin Film Festival.
– Catch Rebecca in the psychological drama “My First Kiss and the People Involved” about a girl at a group home who shuns human contact but when her caregiver goes missing, her world will never be the same.
– With “Outsiders” already renewed for Season 2, her return as the caring Ledda will be much anticipated especially since she has such great chemistry with her TV family.

Jen Tullock in “Partners”


– When one has a feature such as Jen Tullock’s “Partners” (co-written with Hannah Pearl Utt) having a premiere at Sundance, it’s indicative that the narrative is bound to captivate audiences. Likewise leading lady Jen has shown she’s a desirable entertainer.
– The comedic short “Partners” has Jen starring as Leigh, one-half of a lesbian couple whose sex life has waned and as a result their lovey-dovey relationship shows signs of strain. Many of us will relate to the authenticity of the thoroughly engaging Jen.
– She’s also bringing her comedic finesse to television with a guest-starring role on the HULU series “Casual” come June 7th.

Jennifer Lafleur in “No Light and No Land Anywhere”


– “Lamb”, “6 Years”, “The Night Stalker”, “No Light and No Land Anywhere”. These are 4 films that has Jennifer Lafleur leaving her beguiling mark on and with all of them making their festival rounds, she’s surely the quintessential darling of indie movies.
– Jennifer is a scene stealer in the drama “Mad” as Connie, a woman who suffers from self-doubt and as a consequence is dismissive of her own mother’s adversity. When it comes to character-driven stories, Jennifer is the talent to bring it to wondrous fruition.
– She’s also guest-starred on several acclaimed shows such as “Billions”, “Major Crimes” and “Workaholics” so her many charms are extending to the small screen too.

Sarah Hagan in “Dogwalker”


– In 2016, Sarah Hagan captivates us all in both a film and a short namely “Sun Choke and “Dogwalker”, the latter being more light-hearted fare as compared to the former. “Dogwalker” sees Sarah trying valiantly to transport a recently deceased pet dog to the vet.
– Her riveting embodiment of Janie, a woman recovering from a mental breakdown in “Sun Choke” is deserving of an award or two. It might have been her first horror film yet it’s a tour-de-force performance that’s one of the most memorably intriguing this year.
– Sarah’s done some genuinely challenging parts on the independent scene with such polish, it’s easy to see why she’s regarded as one of my indie film heroines.