Rising Starlet: Jaclyn Hales

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With her sunny disposition, Jaclyn Hales is a sweetheart with the fresh spirit to melt many a heart. She’s steadily making a splash on the independent scene and on her way to be a breakout talent in 2014. The fantasy genre is yet another platform that have launch some of the hottest new faces and Jaclyn is heading into coveted territory. She is slated to star alongside Patrick Stewart in the comedy “Stuck” to be released in 2015 where hilarity ensues when a motley group get trapped in an elevator on Christmas Eve. First up though is the alien invasion thriller “Alienate” which has got sci-fi gem written all over, the suspenseful action bound to generate huge interest. It’s War Of the Worlds revisited and not revealing the dangerous aliens gives it a mysterious vibe that’s too intriguing to miss. Playing Samantha Hayes with an inviting maturity, she gets caught up in what seems like an End Of The World scenario sparked by nefarious beings.

It was a fairytale of sorts set in the gamer space that brought Jaclyn to our attention. Her leading lady role as Marsha, the socially awkward girl from a D&D guild in “Unicorn City” was one of her shining moments. As the lovesick Marsha, she’s a scene stealer, harboring ‘more than friends’ romantic inclinations for gamer Voss and trying to get him to notice. Just like the fun tone of the film, Jaclyn is mightily appealing throughout and in the nerd world would be very much considered to be a lovable geek girl what with her sporting those pointy elf ears albeit in costume. Those blue eyes of hers would certainly gain favor with many an admirer so look out for Jaclyn to dazzle for the long term.

Rising Starlet: Carrie Coon

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From the stage to TV, the bewitching Carrie Coon is rapidly on her way to becoming a sensation the world over. Already a Tony-nominated actress, Carrie is set to be recognized ardently by audiences who know she’s a star in their midst. She may still be a rookie on television but all eyes will be on her as she’s in the new series “The Leftovers” premiering on HBO this week. Carrie plays Nora Durst, a woman who has lost her entire family in what is termed the Rapture but not in the way religion has laid out. Hence this makes for riveting drama as those still alive grapple with their loss and we soon see Carrie’s character Nora discovering her husband’s infidelity. It’s double the tragedy for her and her plotline will have everyone hooked! MTV has already done an interview with the lovely Carrie and I hope to do one with her soon. She even revealed that she had a glimpse of Ben Affleck taking a Batfleck selfie (referring to his incarnation of Batman)!

Carrie did work alongside Ben Affleck (who plays Nick Dunne) as his twin sister Margo in the mystery drama “Gone Girl” and the only trustworthy person after the disappearance of Nick’s wife. Whether it’s theater or film, Carrie seems to have the magic touch to bring profoundly captivating essence to her roles giving each one an amazing semblance of complexity. Add the fact that she’s irrepressibly luscious and we have a lady certain to arouse substantial interest. Suffice to say, Liv Tyler is not the only one on “The Leftovers” to grab our attention as Carrie is equally mesmeric. With high praise such as phenomenal and scene-stealing ingenue bandied around as terms of endearment for Carrie, it’s obvious she’s here to stay in the limelight!