Meg Steedle

Every now and then, a face captures our attention in the most bewitching fashion and Meg Steedle is undeniably a scene stealer. She guest stars on “Code Black” as Dr. Kelly Pruitt, a doctor at Peterson Resident Center where patients from Angels Memorial are being accommodated due to a blackout. This throws up the inevitable conflict brought about by egos and yet the story arc … Continue reading Meg Steedle

Actress Spotlight: Jen Tullock

Television could well see a new star arising in the cultivated form of the enthralling Jen Tullock. She has a meaty role on this week’s episode of Roadies called “The Corporate Gig” which has popular electronica duo “Phantogram” performing ‘You Don’t Get Me High Anymore’. She plays Logan The Eraser Girl who initially comes off as a cussing, feisty lady but gets mellow and eventually … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Jen Tullock