Rising Starlet: Joy Regullano

Joy Regullano has the comedic timing and the eternal cuteness to spark an affectionate movement. The actress/writer exudes a remarkable perkiness that many viewers will find easy to take a shine too or even get addicted to. Just like a fetish or indulging in one or more types, as this week has shown to be all the rage with “Fifty Shades Of Grey” being the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Joy Regullano

Indie Princess: Rosebud Baker

An instinctive performer, ROSEBUD BAKER has an intriguing element attached to her endearing subtlety. Those how know her will find she’s an intelligent talent with a fascinatingly perceptive sense of humor. She does sizzle things up in a stripper scene from the drama “Turnabout” as Sherri, showing us a side of her that’s temptingly sexy. Having seen the very scene from her reel (above), Rosebud … Continue reading Indie Princess: Rosebud Baker