Scream For These Sizzling Women @ ShriekFest 2014


1. Denise Gossett, Scream Queen and Founder of ShriekFest


– Denise Gossett voted number 5 out of 13 Most Influential Women In Horror History. Now that is a feat worthy of adulation across the globe!
– We’ve already enamored with her enormous talents on as well as off screen and for giving us Shriekfest, one of the most memorable horror festivals.
– Just like her affable, welcoming nature, Denise is the multi-faceted entertainer with the infectious appeal to delight any horror fan.

2. Miriam Korn in “The Boogeyman”

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– The horror genre is well known for sweethearts and Miriam is adorable on many levels, her smile could warm plenty of hearts.
– She stars in the creepy “Boogeyman” based on STEPHEN KING”S short story of the same name where fiction and fact are blurred after a man murders his 3 children.
– Miriam is a promising young actress who can draw the eyes in a variety of genres and she’s a face many will have a thing for…:)

3. Caitlyn Folley in “Nightmare Code”


– She tempted and excelled in the horror flick “sxtape”, a sure sign she’s equipped with a most fetching sensuality.
– Caitlyn takes on sci-fi in “Nightmare Code”, a tale of a malicious computer programme which seems to have a mind of its own!
– The quality of indie actresses are at an all time high and with the emergence of Caitlyn, there will be plenty to shout about this blossoming talent.

4. Anne Leighton in “House Of Purgatory”

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– Since the day this blog was started, Anne has been a perennial sizzler and she’s more than just good looks, her pleasantness a boon for horror aficionados.
– With Halloween ahead, catch her in the flick “House Of Purgatory” where she’s one of several thriller-seekers looking to gain fortune if they can survive a Haunted House attraction!
– This ravishing actress recently just appeared on the second episode of the hit series “Hawaii Five-O” which is in its fifth season.

Sizzling Scream Queens @ The Chicago Horror Film Fest 2014


1. Heather Dorff in “Incorporeal”


– Based in Chicago, it’s fitting that Heather is the Special Guest Star at this momentous event and horror fans can get to appreciate the amazing talent that she is.
– In the spine-tingling “Incorporeal”, she stars as Ember, an actress who discovers true terror at the very location where she’s supposed to film scenes.
– She also has another film screening called “Truth Or Dare” alongside actress/director Jessica Cameron which has become an indie horror fav at numerous festivals.

2. Courtney Halverson in “Cybernatural”

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– Addiction is not a form of flattery rather the appreciation of indie actress Courtney Halverson, the charming redhead who could be anyone’s dream girl.
– It’s no wonder she has the moniker ‘Pretty Little Fawn on her instagram: and there’s some eminently sexy shots we sure love!
– Don’t miss her and Shelley Hennig in “Cybernatural” as teens who get caught up in a deadly game on a seemingly innocent session on Skype.

3. Kaylee Williams in “Dark Realm”

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– Kaylee won a Best Supporting Actress Award for her role as Raven In “Dark Realm” at the 2014 Indie Horror Film Festival which means she’ll be a must watch.
– She’s been coveted on the indie horror front with a host of upcoming features and could follow in the footsteps of Debbie Rochon as a much loved Horror Idol.
– Seeing how she’s performed as Princess Leia in “A Nude Hope: A Star Wars Burlesque,” and various characters in “Temple of Boobs: An Indiana Jones Burlesque, she’s quite the minx too.