SIFF Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Screen Siren Catherine Carlen

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Catherine Carlen has showcased her brand of allure for years and her luminosity is a thing of beauty to behold. In “The Automatic Hate”, catch Catherine as Sarah, the free-spirited mother of ditzy Alexis Green (Adelaide Clemens) who make up a dysfunctional family of sorts in this tale of societal shift and taboos. It sure is a female-drive cast with Deborah Ann Woll recently of “Daredevil” fame joining these two ladies in being a most radiant trio. Kudos to Catherine for having her scene stealing moment of the film, baring it all as she tends to her gardening chores. Helen Mirren is not the only one with an innate sex appeal which we should by now acknowledge is age-free and Catherine sure has all the goods. You already know blue-eyed blondes have a special place on this very blog. Playing an exhibitionist is never easy by any means and I applaud her creative endeavor in doing so. With a career spanning more than 35 years, Catherine is proficient in the art-form of beguilement onscreen.

Besides dazzling up the indie genre, she’s also had a wonderful run on television having appeared on hit shows such as “How to Get Away with Murder”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Mindy Project” which also stars the amazing Beth Grant. In fact Catherine is starring alongside Beth in 2 other features, the indie fav “The Bridge Partner” as well as “Becca and Molly” which is screening at Cannes. Juggling her acting as well as being an accomplished acting coach to Hollywood stars is indicative of her passion for the film industry. This second coming of the ├╝ber-talented Catherine is adore-worthy and she’s steadily rediscovering the magic touch she’s always had as a veritable storyteller.

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Foxy Femme: Sheri Davis

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Sheri Davis is the enchanting validation that the sexiest women are fronting the indie film world. Add her gender-bending role in “Snake With A Human Tail” that screens at the Crimson Screen Film Fest 2015 and you have a lady with the gusto for tackling complex characters. She plays Karma, a hooker with designs on exacting retribution on a sadistic rapist priest. We soon find she’s actually a transgender who has transformed himself physically after enduring a most harrowing experience and meticulously plots her revenge. Audiences have to applaud Sheri for taking on a gender reversal that’s compelling considering how alluring she is and how she would sizzle up any beach this Summer (see photo above).

Sheri’s depiction of a damaged soul is spot on for both her character Karma’s appearance as well as the emotional baggage. Masking her internal pain of an innocence lost by being immune to physical pain, Sheri’s portrayal throughout is par excellence. She was also recently on the hard-hitting new series “American Crime” in a supporting role and with her authenticity she can project onscreen, let’s hope she scores more TV roles on top of her fascinating indie ones.