The Most Enchanting Indie Darlings @ Palm Springs International ShortsFest 2016


Christie Lynn Smith in “Rated”


– The captivating Christie Lynn Smith and the deep subtext of “Rated” is one of the finest amalgamation of enthralling storytelling in its short form.
– In the richly entertaining “Rated”, she stars as Maggie, a wife and mum who discovers that every adult is tagged with a rating of 5 stars except hers which is a paltry 2.5!
– The judgemental world where Maggie resides is harsh and Christie rivetingly encapsulates the struggles of a woman trying to find acceptance in a rank-based society.

Lauren Orrell in “Happy”


– Australian Model/Actress Lauren Orrell is consistently fascinating and she does so with an affecting magnetism once more in the short film “Happy”.
– She’s intensely mesmerising as Happy, a sexually inexperienced woman who downloads a lesbian dating app and seeks a liaison with another woman on her birthday.
– Notable for starring as Kristen in the complex lesbian web series “Starting From…Now”, catch Lauren in the sci-fi thriller “Conscious” as a woman incapable of experiencing fear.

Rebecca Liddiard in “Mr. Bernstein”


– Rebecca Liddiard has certainly ascended in 2016 as one of the most coveted Canadian actresses and she’ll be capturing global attention yet again in “Mr Bernstein”.
– As the leading lady Debbie Filler who tracks down a famous conductor earmarked by her father for giving him a life-changing musical experience, Rebecca is an absorbing watch.
– Since she has sizzled on this blog for many a month, this screen siren is a genuine obsession having wowed the world as Adelaide Stratton in the TV series “Houdini & Doyle”.

Aussie Vixen: Felicity Price


Australian screen sweethearts are always dear to our hearts and Felicity Price exudes a most endearing quintessence. We are after all in the throes of Summer and what better than to have the effervescent Felicity in the spotlight as she’s starring in the western “The Duel” formerly known as “By Way Of Helena”. Directed by her husband Kieran Darcy-Smith, this tale of unexplained deaths in Helena, Texas prompts a Texas Ranger to dig deeper sparking a fight between him and a cult leader. Felicity can be seen opposite heavy hitters Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson among many others. Felicity did win an AACTA Award for Best Actress in the riveting drama “Wish You Were Here” as Alice Flannery, the pregnant wife of Joel Edgerton’s Dave whose trip to Cambodia turns into a nightmare. With such a wonderful accolade under her belt, look out for Felicity to add substance to “The Duel”.

I’ve long been an admirer of Aussie actresses and it’s wonderful to see Felicity share screen time with Teresa Palmer, one of my heroines who played her younger sister Steph in “Wish You Were Here”. Felicity is impeccable in handling the highs and lows of the characters she embodies and her effortless chemistry with Joel and Teresa is laudable. She also stars in an Australian female-driven thriller called “Bad Girl” playing Michelle, a mother whose adopted daughter Amy (Sara West) fights from being displaced by her new best friend Chloe. We can’t wait for Felicity to garner fandom in the bright lights of Tinseltown as she’s enriching us with an ever growing list of credible turns.