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Caitlin McGee

There’s a big reason why TV has become a national obsession and it’s a testament to the quality of actresses such as the charming Caitlin McGee. Those who love reminiscing about romance in the 90s should not miss out on Caitlin’s performance in the Season 5 premiere episode of “You’re The Worst”. A reinvention of sorts for the series with a flashback focusing on new … Continue reading Caitlin McGee

The Women Of Orange Is The New Black

From this week onwards, The town is going to be painted in orange or should I say the jailhouse is going to be decked in glaring orange as the women of “Orange Is The New Black” spark a riot. On June 9, the intensity ratchets up like never before as the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary seek their own justice after the death of Poussey Washington’s … Continue reading The Women Of Orange Is The New Black